Second Annual ‘Motivate Our Minds Golf Outing’ To Be Held at Crestview on May 10

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By Ro Selvey—

MUNCIE, IN—As we gear up for another summer season, it’s time to rally behind a cause that’s close to the heart of our community: Motivate Our Minds (MOM). For years, MOM has been a beacon of hope for children in Muncie, Indiana, offering educational enrichment programs that empower our youth to reach their full potential.

Now, as we approach the second annual Motivate Our Minds golf outing, it’s more important than ever to show our support and invest in the future of our children. Summer break is a time for fun and relaxation, but for many children, it also brings the risk of academic regression. Without access to structured learning activities, students can lose valuable skills and fall behind academically. That’s where Motivate Our Minds steps in, offering a lifeline of educational support and enrichment opportunities that keep young minds engaged and active throughout the summer months.

Some of the Motivate Our Minds kids are pictured. Photo provided

By supporting the second annual Motivate Our Minds golf outing May 10th at Crestview Golf Course, you’re not just donating to a charity—you’re investing in the future of our community. Your generosity will directly fund summer programming that provides students with access to hands-on learning experiences, mentorship opportunities, and academic support. These programs not only prevent summer learning loss but also instill a love of learning that lasts a lifetime. But your support doesn’t end with a donation. It’s also about getting involved and making a difference in the lives of our children.

Whether you’re a golfer looking to tee off for a cause or a local business interested in sponsoring the event, there are countless ways to show your support for Motivate Our Minds. Reach out to MOM today to learn how you can get involved and make a meaningful impact on the lives of children in our community. Together, we can ensure that every child in Muncie has access to the educational resources and support they need to succeed. By supporting the second annual Motivate Our Minds golf outing, you’re not just investing in a charity—you’re investing in the future of our children, our community, and our world. Let’s tee off for a cause and make a difference together.


For more information on attending please contact Ro Selvey, or Ethan Snyder,





Ro Selvey is Muncie’s City Councilwoman at Large and a 26 year veteran educator with Muncie Community Schools. She also serves on the Events Planning Committee for Motivate Our Minds.