New Monthly Interactive Marketing Sessions Coming to Muncie, IN

Networking in your Marketing Strategy, will be led by Dr. Anna Stumpf. Photo providedStrategic Storytelling: How to Use Networking in your Marketing Strategy, will be led by Dr. Anna Stumpf. Photo provided

By Melissa Narlock

 MUNCIE, IN — Marketing professionals, business owners, and students are invited to Intersessions, a series of interactive marketing sessions powered by Intersection. The inaugural session is set to make its debut on Tuesday, September 26. These free monthly sessions, hosted at the Innovation Connector, aim to provide attendees with industry insights, actionable strategies, and opportunities to build valuable connections.   

In today’s rapidly evolving world of marketing, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Intersessions is designed to meet this need by offering a platform for professionals to enhance their marketing skills. These sessions are not just about learning; they’re about fostering a thriving marketing community.  

 Each month, Intersessions will feature an industry speaker who will delve into trending and compelling marketing topics. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain valuable insights they can apply to their own marketing endeavors, make new connections with passionate local peers, and enjoy a free breakfast.  

 “We are proud and excited to launch Intersessions. The goal is to develop a collaborative community wherebusiness leaders and professionals can come together and learn about all things marketing,” Lucas Tetrault, Creative Director at Intersection expressed. “In such a dynamic industry, we want these sessions to be seen as a resource that provides attendees with concepts and tools they can use towards the success of their business or in their own professional development.”  

 The inaugural session, Strategic Storytelling: How to Use Networking in your Marketing Strategy, will be led by Dr. Anna Stumpf and sponsored by the Innovation Connector. Attendees will learn the significance of understanding their audience and gain insights into the power of building a community through networking. With a diverse background spanning several industries, Dr. Stumpf is excited to share her decades of experience.  

 All sessions are free and open for the public to attend. With limited seating, attendees are encouraged to reserve their spot ahead of time. Each session will take place on the last Tuesday of every month from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM at the Innovation Connector in Muncie, IN.   

 “At the Muncie Innovation Connector, we firmly believe in fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the marketing community,” Ted Baker, CEO of Innovation Connector stated. “Hosting the new marketing peer group, Intersessions, underscores our commitment to empowering professionals to exchange ideas and insights, ultimately driving innovation and growth in the industry.”  

 Learn from industry experts and add new skills to your marketing toolbelt by reserving your spot for the inaugural session on Tuesday, September 26 and visit .  





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