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Tonne Winery. Photo by: Mike RhodesTonne Winery. Photo by: Mike Rhodes

By: Mike Rhodes—

Muncie, IN— Tonne Winery was established in 2009 and has become a favorite gathering place for wine lovers. Kevin and Larry are very proud of the awards their wines have won.  Tonne Winery has won numerous INDY awards, which is the largest international wine competition in the United States. In 2014, Tonne Winery won the prestigious Governor’s Cup award and was named Indiana Winery of the Year.  

Even though there are 18 different wine options available, it’s easy to choose a selection you might like.  The winery offers up to 5 complimentary tastings per visit.                                                          


Tonne Winery offers a variety of musical events and musical performers for customers to enjoy. Tom Sullivan, The Jason Roberts Experience, Jake Hendershot, and Mitchell Maibach are among some of the performers who have played at Tonne Winery.

WINOS – Women in Need of Shopping

During the winter, about every 6 weeks, Tonne Winery hosts their WINOS event. A number of local vendors come to the Winery to offer their wares in a fun, free, relaxing event.

The next WINOS event will be Sunday, December 3rd from 1-4 pm. Vendors will be present including Tastefully Simple, Doterra Essential Oils, Thirty-One Gifts, Scentsy, Pampered Chef and many more! Food will be available for purchase from Big Poppa’s Pork Pit. 

For information on future events, you can always check the Tonne Winery Facebook page or website.

Tonne Winery’s Award-Winning Wine List

Dry Wines

 Cabernet Sauvignon          Bottle $20.99          Glass $7.00     

A full bodied dry red wine aged in oak! This highly tannic wine embodies toasty berry flavors. Serve room temperature or slightly chilled (55-60 F) with red meats or pasta. Enjoy!

Merlot            Bottle $20.99          Glass $7.00

Medium bodied dry red wine with fruit forward flavor! A nice balance of oak and tannins! Serve at room temperatures or slightly chilled with red meats or pasta. Enjoy!

KaBrie        Bottle $20.99        Glass $7.00

A blend of 5 Bordeaux wines resulting in a nice, dry, lightly oaked fruit forward flavor. Serve with red meats or pasta. If you have a sense of  humor  you might ask what we think KaBrie stands for!

 Riesling     Bottle $14.99        Glass $5.50        Silver Medal  ‘17, ‘16, ‘14, Bronze Medal  ‘13

A delightful dry white wine with a clean, crisp taste. The fruit flavors are distinctive to this variety of grape. Serve with chicken or pork dishes along with sharp cheeses and pasta.  Enjoy!  CLEAR CAPSULE

Catawba               Bottle $13.99          Glass $5.00    Silver Medal  ‘17, ‘12, Bronze Medal  ‘15, ‘14

One of the earliest discovered “American Grapes” found growing in the Ohio and New York Valleys. It is a light, dry fruity blush wine that has nice fruit flavors. Pairs well with light fish dishes, cheese and crackers or  friends who want to sit and relax. Enjoy! CLEAR CAPSULE

Traminette      Bottle $14.99    Glass $5.50       INDIANA TRAMINETTE OF THE YEAR 2017

Double Gold Medal  ‘14, ‘12, ‘11, Gold Medal  ’17, Silver Medal ’16, ‘15, Bronze Medal  ‘13, Best in Class  ‘11

Indiana’s signature wine. A wonderfully aromatic white wine with delightful citrus flavors. Its clean, crisp flavor with a hint of sweetness makes it a perfect match for most dishes or by itself, especially on a hot summer day. This  is one of the winemaker’s favorites. Enjoy!   CLEAR CAPSULE


Pinot Grigio          Bottle $14.99          Glass $5.50      Gold Medal  ’17, Silver Medal  ’16, ‘15, ‘14, ‘13, ‘11

This white wine is filled with classic Italian flavors and compliments most light Italian dishes. This well balanced  wine has a great combination of dryness and crisp, citrus tropical flavors. Complex, yet clean. Also pairs well  with chicken, fish or chilled by itself. Enjoy!

Semi Dry Wines

Chambourcin        Bottle $13.99     Glass $5.00   Gold Medal  ‘15, ‘13, Silver  ‘17, ’11, Bronze  ’16, ‘12

A pleasant, light semi-dry red wine. This soft versatile wine contains flavors of wild berries and plums. Serve chilled  and it will compliment most dishes from seafood to burgers, steaks and pastas. Enjoy!

Semi Dry Traminette     Bottle $13.99    Glass $5.00        INDIANA WINE OF THE YEAR 2014

Double Gold Medal  ‘14, Gold Medal  ‘15, ‘10, Silver Medal  ’16,  ‘13,’12,  Bronze Medal  ’17,  ‘11,

Same as our Dry Traminette, just a little bit sweeter. Enjoy! BLACK CAPSULE WITH TWO GOLD BARS

Semi Dry Riesling   Bottle 13.99    Glass $5.00    Gold Medal  ‘14, Silver  ’17,  ‘11,  Bronze  ’16, ‘15, ‘13

A delightful white wine with excellent flavor and aroma. Well proportioned, both crisp and light. Taste the apple, peach and lemon flavors. Serve chilled with seafood, chicken, pork or any appetizers. Enjoy!

Sweet Wines

Royerton Red    Bottle $10.99   Glass $4.50    Double Gold  ‘15, Silver  ’17,  ‘14, ‘13, ‘12, ‘11, ’10, Bronze  ‘16

This delightful light red wine bursts with the traditional grape flavors. It is a well balanced wine with light fruity  flavors and sweet enough to enjoy at any time. Serve with any meal, dessert or simply enjoy by itself chilled. Enjoy!


Waldo’s White      Bottle $11.99      Glass $4.50

Double Gold Medal  ’14, Gold Medal  ‘11, Silver Medal  ’17, ‘15, Bronze Medal  ’16, ‘13, ‘12, Best in Class  ‘11

A smooth, sweet flavorful white wine made with the Cayuga grape. This wine has a well balanced flavor with a hint of apple and pear flavors. Great by itself or serve with  light dishes of all kind. Enjoy!

Catawba      Bottle $12.99       Glass $4.50      Gold Medal  ‘15, Silver Medal  ’17, ’16, ‘14, ‘12, Bronze Medal  ‘13

A nice light blush wine that is just like our Dry Catawba only sweeter. Enjoy!     BLACK CAPSULE

 Cherry Wine   Bottle $12.99   Glass $4.50         Bronze Medal Winner  ‘12   

A nice sweet wine, that tastes like Moms Cherry Pie. It is the perfect balance of sweet and tart. Enjoy with chocolate or your favorite dessert. Enjoy!                              

Blackberry Wine      Bottle $18.99    Glass $6.00  Gold Medal  ‘15, Silver  ’17, ’16,  ‘13, Bronze   ‘12

Made from fresh blackberries, this wine bursts with the  natural aroma and flavors of fresh picked fruit. Its handsome dark color provides balance with the surprising sweet flavor.  Serve with sharp cheese and crackers  or any of your favorite desserts. Enjoy!


Red Raspberry Wine         Bottle $19.99      Glass $6.00   Silver Medal  ’16, ‘14, ‘12, Bronze Medal  ‘15          

A delicious sweet wine with  a delightful aroma and a fresh Red Raspberry flavor. Serve with fruit, chocolate or dessert. Enjoy!

Blueberry Wine       Bottle $14.99       Glass $5.50   Gold Medal  ’17, Silver Medal   ‘16, ‘15, Bronze Medal  ‘11     

A nice sweet fruit wine with a refreshing summer flavor for you to savor. This wine has the great taste of the healthful fresh blueberry. Serve with fruit, dessert, or your favorite appetizer. Enjoy!

Cranberry Wine      Bottle $18.99     Glass $6.00    Gold Medal  ’17, Silver Medal  ’16, Bronze Medal  ‘14       

A nice balance of traditional Cranberry aroma, flavor and sweetness. A pleasant compliment to chicken, turkey, pork or spicy Asian dishes. Enjoy!

What people are saying about Tonne Winery

I have been there many times, and loved each experience! I was there recently and the ladies were fantastic. Extremely accommodating, friendly and above all, they treated you like friends – not customers. I cannot say enough, how incredible they were! They always go out of there way to make each experience a memorable one!—Nicholette

Tonne Winery is a beautiful little place for indoor and outdoor events. I love going and listening to music here! It is also a relaxing environment if you just want to go have a glass of wine. Love, love, love this place!—Kim

We really enjoy this Winery! Their wines are fantastic and we love the new expansion with the patio. This is one of our favorites for my husband and I! Everyone must stop in for a visit you will definitely have a great time!—Kathy

Great winery and wine stewards were awesome! Enjoyed our time at this winery.—Candice


Tonne Winery
101 W. Royerton Road
Muncie, IN 47303
Phone: 765-896-9821
Facebook Site

HOURS: MON-SAT, 10am-6pm
SUN: 12-5pm                                            

DISCOUNTS:     5%  6-11 BOTTLES, 10%  12-23 BOTTLES, 15% 2 CASES