DANNAR Mobile Power Station® Begins Launch Year at Green California Summit

Dannar's booth at the 2017 Green California Summit and Expo. Photo provided.Dannar's booth at the 2017 Green California Summit and Expo. Photo provided.

By:Matt Kantz—

Muncie, IN – DANNAR debuted its Mobile Power Station® (MPS) to the state of California at the 2017 Green California Summit and Expo in Sacramento, CA, on April 26.

The Summit highlighted strategies, technologies and best practices that are fueling progress toward California’s green goals and the growth of its economy. The expo featured more than 100 companies offering green products and services, from zero emission vehicles to building materials. With over 1,000 attendees from around the state, the show included government officials, companies and researchers targeting clean energy.

The MPS is a first-of-its-kind electric, off-road vehicle platform equipped with high capacity, lithium-ion battery packs and multi-purpose utility for emergency responders and public works fleets.

The MPS showcase in California also included a stop at the Emerging Technologies Summit that gathered more than 500 stakeholders in the energy sectors for a conference to impact the advancement and adoption of emerging technologies.

“We could not be more excited with the response we received last week in California,” DANNAR founder and CEO Gary Dannar said. “California is leading the country in alternative energy adoption and the Mobile Power Station struck a nerve with the state, city and county officials who came by our booth. They of course had never seen a self-propelled power platform that could take universal attachments to provide both energy and utility in a single unit. It was a great way to begin a busy launch year for us.”

The MPS is geared for emergency responders, public works teams and campuses with its configurability and on-board export power. It accepts all CAT® and Bobcat® hydraulic attachments and can utilize “jaws of life” and other handheld hydraulic tools. With an optional 60kw generator and a 50-gallon fuel tank, the MPS can provide days of emergency power without refueling.

The California kickoff is the beginning of an eventful summer for DANNAR as it continues its public launch of the MPS in Washington D.C., Pennsylvania and Florida.

“This month, we will be participating in two large events in Fairfax County, Virginia, and Johnstown, Pennsylvania, with our partner Concurrent Technologies Corporation,” Dannar said. “These events are geared toward Federal Government and Department of Defense users. But it is all in preparation for our large public launch in August at the international Public Works Expo in Orlando, Florida.”

The events in California also marked the launch of a new Mobile Power Station brand identity created by Muncie advertising agency Intersection. The team at Intersection created a unique mark for the MPS with the addition of the 21st century electric workhorse, a central theme to DANNAR’s vision and guiding principles over the past 5 years.



DD DANNAR, LLC, is an OEM manufacturer of a purpose-built, off-road electric vehicle and energy platform for governmental fleets. Located in Muncie, Indiana, DANNAR is committed to providing disciplined innovation with honor-built manufacturing to produce a new class of electric work vehicles. More information on DANNAR and the Mobile Power Station can be found on the company’s website at www.dannar.us.com