Muncie Mission Provides Assistance For Local People

Muncie Mission's Attic Window Thrift StoreMuncie Mission's Attic Window Thrift Store

By: Don Ford—

Muncie Mission Ministries (MMM) is a faith-based agency, delivering compassionate rescue services to people experiencing poverty and homeless in East Central Indiana since 1930. Primarily, the Mission provides recovery services on an emergency and long-term basis for adult males and provides assistance to families in need.

MMM operates under the watchful eye of a ten-member board of directors, adheres to a code of ethics and a statement of faith. MMM is a member of a national organization called the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions (AGRM),, which serves as the network where leaders of approximately 300 agencies across the United States and Canada find the training, resources, and support they need to serve the individuals and families who arrive on their doorsteps every day of the year.

MMM was created to serve people in need-whether by giving clothing or shoes, food provisions, a place to get a safe night’s rest or to begin a journey of recovery from the issues of life.

Twenty nine years ago MMM began two new business entities; Attic Window Thrift store and the New Life Center recycling program. They were created to help sustain the services provided by the mission.  Today, these initiatives provide 50% of the Mission’s annual budget.  Currently, there are five Attic Window Thrift stores (two in Muncie, one each in Hartford City, New Castle and Winchester), an outlet store (Buy The Pound), and the recycling facility.

Fashionable clothing available inside the Attic Window. Photo by: Mike Rhodes

Fashionable clothing available inside the Attic Window. Photo by: Mike Rhodes

Last year the mission gave-a-way over 42,700 items of clothing and 2,700 pairs of shoes to local people in need, all of these items were donated. As well, 84,400 hot meals were prepared and served to their residents and to neighborhood guests that come to the mission Monday-Friday for lunch.  Additionally, 50,000 food items were given to families in need.   23,600 nights of lodging were provided to residents along with long-term recovery counseling sessions.

In 2015, donated recyclable items produced 1,544,357 pounds. Paper, cardboard, metals, baled clothing, household items and more contributed to that total.  What began as an environmental initiative soon became an important revenue source for the mission.

Ryan Hart examines some of the paper products used for recycling. Photo by: Mike Rhodes

Ryan Hart examines some of the paper products ready to be recycled inside the New Life Center recycling program. Photo by: Mike Rhodes

These and other services would not be possible without local people donating items and money for the work of MMM. In 86 years the mission has never failed to help those who need and want assistance. MMM has always operated with integrity and transparency, and that practice will continue.


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Don Ford is Director of Development at Muncie Mission.