Sara Kruszynski (L) is pictured with Doug O’ Brien.(R) Photo by: Dale Pickett

Healthy Lifestyle Center Open House Set for October 17th

By: Nicole L. Koontz M.S., RCEP, Associate Director of the Adult Physical Fitness Program, Ball State University— Muncie, IN—The Healthy Lifestyle Center is an interprofessional and collaborative community effort between the departments of the College of Health at Ball State University, IU Medical students as well as Meridian Health Services. Individuals can come in for FREE services in nutrition, exercise guidance, social…

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Don't reach for the cookie. Photo by: graphic stock

What’s Eating at You? Find Out Before You Eat That Cookie

By: Nancy Larson— As I sit at my computer writing this article stressing about my procrastination, I reached for a cookie…then I stop myself and realize that I am “stress eating!” Everyone eats for emotional and stress relief occasional. That’s not what gets you in trouble. It’s the constant, mindless “grazing” or reactive eating that will put on the extra…