Record Number of Ball State Graduates Awarded Prestigious Fulbright U.S. Student Award

Fulbright award winners photo provided by Ball State University.Fulbright award winners photo provided by Ball State University.

By Ball State University Communications—

MUNCIE, IN – In a record-setting year, six recent Ball State University graduates—Julia Canty, Jayana Fennell, Cady Garcia, Denver Hammons, Katelyn Redman, and Haley Stevens—have been selected for prestigious Fulbright U.S. Student Awards.

These awards will enable them to spend the upcoming academic year abroad as English Teaching Assistants (ETAs), helping students in their host countries develop English language skills and serving as cultural ambassadors. Additionally, recent graduate Makayla Schuelke is an alternate for an ETA position.

Award Recipients:

  • Julia Canty: An Honors College graduate with a major in economics and minors in Chinese and international studies, Ms. Canty will be an ETA in Taiwan. She aims to support young women in her host community through tutoring and mentorship activities.“The Fulbright Award will act as a catalyst for the achievement of my long-term goals,” said Ms. Canty, who is from West Bloomfield, Mich. “I am passionate about using my position as a young American to share my culture and, more importantly, to learn from others across the world. With this experience, I hope to pursue a career in global economic policy development, with a focus on U.S. and Indo-Pacific relations.”
  • Jayana Fennell: A telecommunications major with minors in French and American Sign Language, Ms. Fennell will be an ETA in France, where she will help high school students learn English and advise them on studying in the U.S.“As an African American woman and as someone who has been exposed to a broad range of cultural backgrounds in the U.S., I believe I can provide a distinct perspective on American culture while in France,” said Ms. Fennell, from Bloomington, Ill. “I want to fully understand French culture while teaching young minds about the United States, drawing upon the perspectives that I have developed over the years.”
  • Cady Garcia: With a bachelor’s degree in history and a master’s in secondary education, Cady will be an ETA in Poland, teaching English at the university level and creating a “History through the Decades” club.“Fulbright in Poland is going to be an amazing experience because I will have the opportunity to work with highly respected educators, while immersing myself in their beautiful country and culture,” said Ms. Garcia, a Versailles, Ind., native. “I will also get the chance to connect with my family heritage. Fulbright is opening doors that will challenge me and help me thrive as an educator, scholar, and person. I couldn’t be more thankful.”
  • Denver Hammons: An English and theatre education major with minors in English as a new language and entrepreneurship & innovation, Mr. Hammons will be an ETA in Malta. He plans to create an after-school theatre program and tutor students in English.“I was drawn to Fulbright’s emphasis on openness, cultural exchange, and intellectual freedom,” said Mr. Hammons, from Beech Grove, Ind. “By participating in the ETA program in Malta, I will gain experience teaching in a non-traditional setting, which will allow me to expand my worldview, therefore bettering the education of my future students in the United States.”
  • Katelyn Redman: A German education major with minors in history and linguistic & global communication, Ms. Redman will be an ETA in Germany, where she plans to take German language courses and engage in cultural exchange activities.“After my Fulbright experience, I intend to bring ideas back to the U.S. for the future of secondary education generally and for improvement in foreign language education that will better reflect and prepare students for our globalized world,” said Ms. Redman, from Avon, Ind.
  • Haley Stevens: With a master’s degree in English and a concentration in creative writing, Ms. Stevens will be an ETA at a university in Romania. She aims to pursue creative writing and research on Jewish history and folklore, and develop a creative writing program.“I was drawn to Romania because of its rich cultural history and its pursuits in reclaiming Jewish history and stories,” said Ms. Stevens, who was born in Green Bay, Misc., and raised in Milwaukee. “I know I can flourish there. Fulbright will allow me the inspiration to continue my own intellectual pursuits while developing my professional skills. It will help me grow not only as a person, but also as a writer.”


  • Makayla Schuelke: A theatre major with minors in classical culture and creative writing, Ms. Schuelke is an alternate for the ETA program in North Macedonia.

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program, sponsored by the U.S. State Department, aims to increase mutual understanding between the people of the U.S. and nearly 140 countries. This year, approximately 2,100 applicants nationwide are being selected based on the quality and feasibility of their proposals, academic and professional qualifications, and their potential to serve as effective cultural ambassadors.

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