Muncie Resident Jim Needham Releases New Book

Jim is pictured with his book display at Minnetrista where his book is available. Photo by Laurie LunsfordJim is pictured with his book display at Minnetrista where his book is available. Photo by Laurie Lunsford

By Laurie Lunsford—

MUNCIE, IN—A fresh new book, written by a beloved local figure, has recently been released.

“I’ve wanted to write this book for a long time,” Jim Needham stated when asked about God’s Still Calling…Seeking God’s FingerprintsThe book is a legacy about Needham’s life for his grandchildren. Since it is a book that is packed with life stories and lessons learned, it is a great book for all.  In writing the book, Needham generously shares a viewpoint that all of us can learn from. Wisdom comes with age, and if that is true, Needham’s got a lot of it.

Needham has been well-known over the years with work titles like Young Life Leader, Television Producer, Talk Show Host, Mentor, and Teacher of the Year in Telecommunications at Ball State University. He has made an impact on Muncie as a philanthropist in giving his time and talents, and also fund raising. Needham introduced Bob Ross to Muncie.  Most importantly he is a friend to many, a dad, and a grandfather.

Needham’s book is set on the timeline of the many things that have happened in Muncie over the last 70 years. Particularly in communications. Needham watched a little black and white TV through the screen door of a neighbor’s house as a little boy, and later entered the world of telecommunications, and technology. Needham learned much about new technology through his work at WIBP-TV.

I bought his book and read all of it in one sitting on a Sunday afternoon. I did not want to interrupt the pace when I read about his experiences —from the time he was a child— to the present.  I identified with many of his hard times and was stirred by the many stories that show his faith—experiences with people, traveling to distant places and making the most of opportunities.  As I read, I wrote lessons learned. Each fascinating story brings with it a bit of wisdom. Here is just a bit of that list:

Value your family in the good and the bad.

Know that situations both good and bad, are a part of a bigger plan.

Pray and expect answers.

Look beyond yourself.

Believing is not always easy.

Be early to appointments.

Jump off the tracks if you see a train coming.

Miracles still happen.

I spoke with Needham after reading the book and asked him how he looks at life differently as a 79 year old compared with his 25 year old self.  He said he was very accomplished when he was young, but also empty.  He did many things for the wrong reasons.  His spiritual eyes started opening and he was able to see God working in the good and the bad, in his weaknesses and strengths.  He also told me that God is still working in his life.

I believe him.


God’s Still Calling … Seeking God’s Fingerprints is available on Amazon, also for Kindle, and from Barnes and Noble.   It is also available at the the Minnetrista Orchard Shop.

Here’s the link to the book on Barnes and