Trevor Swingley—Member of Pridemark Construction’s ‘Future Leaders of America’ Series

Daleville Junior/Senior High School senior Trevor Swingley. Photo by Thomas PeekDaleville Junior/Senior High School senior Trevor Swingley. Photo by Thomas Peek

Editor’s note: The Future Leaders of America series profiles high school seniors who display leadership qualities in their school and the community. The series is brought to you by Pridemark Construction.

By Stacey A. Shannon—

DALEVILLE, IN—Daleville Junior/Senior High School senior Trevor Swingley has had a busy high school career. With sports, student government, academics and work, Swingley worked hard to achieve his goals.

Basketball has been a lifelong love for Swingley. He has been a member of the basketball team all four years of high school. In fact, Swingley enjoys the sport so much that this summer he is coaching two basketball teams for students going into their freshman year at different high schools throughout the region.

“I want them to be as successful in basketball as they can be,” he said. “I love the sport of basketball, so I want it to grow as much as it possibly can.”

Along with basketball, Swingley has been a member of the golf team as a junior and senior and is also part of his school’s athletic council.

This past school year, the basketball team hosted a day of flag football with Unified Sports, an organization that brings together people of similar age and ability with students who have special needs. Swingley enjoyed the day helping out.

“It was a lot of fun seeing how sports can bring everyone together even if you’re not an athlete,” he said.

However, sports aren’t the only arena in which Swingley leads. He’s also held a class office in student government throughout high school as either class secretary or class treasurer.

“I’ve kind of made this place my home; I feel like I’m always here,” he said of his school. “When I do things around here…I’m making what I’m a part of better. [I like] just making the community better because they’ve done a lot for me.”

Outside of school, Swingley has also been working on various area farms since ninth grade and helps with the Sulphur Springs Lions Club, of which his dad is a member.

Even with all his activities, Swingley keeps on top of his schoolwork. He’s a member of the National Honors Society, the Science National Honors Society and the Math National Honors Society. His strategy is to rest when he gets home from school to refresh and then he gets more done throughout the evening.

“I space out my day more,” Swingley said. “And you’ve got to want to do it. I know that the only way I become what I want to become, I have to work hard in school.”

He will head to Morehead State University in Kentucky in the fall to earn his degree in the school’s pre-veterinarian program. Swingley plans to continue on to earn a veterinary degree and practice first on small animals and then move into working with large animals.

Swingley said looking to the future also makes him realize how quickly high school has gone by. He would advise students coming behind him to be aware the time goes much faster than expected.

“Enjoy it,” he said. “Don’t stress yourself out about little things. Don’t dwell on the bad stuff; enjoy the good things. If you want to be very successful in athletics and academics, it’s going to be difficult, so you just have to work hard. But enjoy all the good things.”








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