From Light to Dark and Back Again: After the Solar Eclipse 2024

Matt Howell took this unique composite image of the solar eclipse. Photo by Matt Howell

By Mike Rhodes, Editor-in-Chief—

MUNCIE, IN—Despite the fact that many of us worried clouds would ruin our views of the solar eclipse, mother nature provided Muncie with weather that could not have been more perfect.

Minnetrista Museum and Gardens had a three-day celebration and nearly 1500 visitors gathered on their campus with friends, family, and pets to experience the total solar eclipse.

This is one family of many that watched the eclipse at Minnetrista Museum & Gardens. Photo courtesy of Minnetrista Museum & Gardens

Here are some media samples of what a perfect day it was.

Steve Lindell did a live broadcast on WMUN during the eclipse. You can hear that audio and listen to what the crowd had to say below.


Kyle Johnson took his drone out and captured a time-lapse sequence of downtown Muncie moving from light to dark and back again.


Sheryl Swingley came up with a creative idea and made eclipse-themed cookies which she passed out to her friends in the neighborhood.

Sheryl’s eclipse cookies. Photo by Sheryl Swingley


Ball State University collaborated with NASA to provide live views of the eclipse using Charles W. Brown Planetarium telescopes at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Their three-hour hour livestream is available to watch in its entirety below.