Help Strengthen Nonprofits in Muncie-Delaware County with the 2024 Nonprofit Landscape Survey

Nonprofit Support Network is gathering information about the nonprofits in our community through the 2024 Muncie-Delaware County Nonprofit Landscape Survey. Photo providedNonprofit Support Network is gathering information about the nonprofits in our community through the 2024 Muncie-Delaware County Nonprofit Landscape Survey. Photo provided

By Carly Acree-King—

MUNCIE, IN—Nonprofit Support Network’s mission is deeply rooted in empowering nonprofit organizations throughout Muncie-Delaware County. We firmly believe that by providing organizations with the necessary resources, we can catalyze their ability to achieve their missions, serving our community with greater impact and effectiveness. As advocates and allies for the nonprofit sector, we recognize the critical importance of understanding our local community’s unique challenges, strengths, and opportunities.

Understanding the significance of this, we’ve introduced the 2024 Muncie-Delaware County Nonprofit Landscape Survey to capture information about the nonprofits in our community and how we can best serve them.

In 2021, our journey began with a commitment to listening and learning from the diverse voices of nonprofits in Muncie-Delaware County. Through these early engagements, we gained a new perspective on the nonprofits in our community. We leveraged those insights to connect and create key resources, which paved the way for our initial successes as a new organization. Over the past year, we’ve engaged with over 100 individuals from 88 nonprofit organizations. With a county population exceeding 115,000 and nearly 700 nonprofits registered with the IRS, we’re aware that there are gaps in our outreach efforts and who we can reach. We are eager to deepen our understanding and expand our impact.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a formal research process made possible through the support of Ball State University’s Sociology Department interns and a generous donation from the Board of Directors of Bridges Community Services. This initiative marks a significant milestone in our efforts to serve the nonprofit community better.

Through this research project, we aim to gain an understanding of the nonprofits operating within our community. By identifying and analyzing key challenges organizations face, we can effectively tailor our programs and services to address their specific needs. Plus, the information and perspectives gathered from this research will form the bedrock of our advocacy efforts, enabling us to champion the interests of nonprofits and advocate for increased stakeholder support.

We invite all nonprofit organizations in our community to participate in the 2024 Muncie-Delaware County Nonprofit Landscape Survey. By completing the survey before March 22, 2024, you contribute to a deeper understanding of the sector AND stand a chance to receive a $100 donation, as five organizations will be randomly selected for this gift.

To learn more about Nonprofit Support Network, visit or contact Carly Acree King at

Nonprofit Support Network is a nonprofit organization designed to support other organizations serving Muncie and Delaware County by providing them with the resources and time needed to meet their missions. Our mission is to provide support to ensure a healthy, well-supported, sustainable nonprofit sector in Muncie and Delaware County. We believe our community is best served when nonprofits have the resources to focus on their mission. We take a targeted approach to support organizations in areas they need it the most by cultivating relationships and addressing resource needs. We were established to provide quality and valuable training and coaching resources to nonprofit organizations and the individuals that serve them.