Registration for the 2024 Emergence Program is Now Open

2023 Emergence Graduates. Photo provided.2023 Emergence Graduates. Photo provided.

By Arrick Garringer—

MUNCIE, IN— Shafer Leadership Academy (SLA), a local non-profit organization dedicated to fostering inclusive leadership development for individuals, organizations, and communities, announces the launch of the 22nd iteration of its renowned leadership program. The program is scheduled to run from April 2 to May 21, 2024.

Emergence: Personal Foundations of Effective Leadership stands as SLA’s cornerstone leadership initiative. Spanning eight weeks, this immersive and dynamic training experience is tailored for both emerging and seasoned leaders eager to refine their leadership competencies. Participants can anticipate gaining the skills necessary to drive transformative change within their respective businesses, non-profits, civic groups, and communities.

Throughout the program, participants will cultivate a deeper understanding of their unique leadership styles and acquire the knowledge, confidence, and tools essential for effectively guiding others.

With a legacy spanning over 17 years, Emergence has empowered more than 500 local leaders to date. Notably, within five years of program completion, statistics reveal that 93% of graduates are more involved or received an advancement at work, 38% have assumed leadership positions within their communities, and 58% have contributed their expertise to nonprofit boards.

The eight-week curriculum of Emergence encompasses actionable insights designed to illuminate individual leadership styles and bolster leadership proficiencies. Session topics encompass diverse areas such as learning styles, effective communication, consensus building, conflict management, trust-building, civic leadership, and personal mission.

Scholarships are available for qualifying non-profit organizations and individuals.

For additional information about Shafer Leadership Academy and the Emergence program, visit the SLA website. Space is limited.

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Shafer Leadership Academy provides inclusive leadership development so that people, organizations, and communities reach their full potential. Empowering people to inspire positive change in their community— our participants excel in their careers, enrich the lives of others and transform their communities.

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