4th Annual Astronomy Slam to Take Place on November 4th

Charles W. Brown Planetarium projection system.Charles W. Brown Planetarium projection system.

By Planetarium staff—

MUNCIE, IN—One dome, a passion for astronomy, and 10 minutes. That is what four Ball State students have to work with to impress you, the audience, for their chance to become this year’s Astronomy Slam Champion.

Experience what excites Ball State students about astronomy at the 4th annual Astronomy Slam hosted by the Charles W. Brown Planetarium. During this event, students use planetarium visuals to help them present in the most creative way they can.

Audience members vote on the presentations in real time to decide not only the Champion, but also who has the Most Visually Engaging presentation, Best Energy, and Most Thought-Provoking presentation.

When: Saturday, November 4, from 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. (doors open at 6 p.m.)

Who: Everyone is invited! Community friends, families, students… everyone!

Cost: $4 per person, tickets available on the planetarium webpage at www.bsu.edu/planetarium, tickets include reception snacks and beverages

Planetarium Information

  • The planetarium is located on the west end of the Cooper Science Building, at 2111 W. Riverside Ave., Muncie. NOTE: Due to construction being done on the Cooper Science Complex, select parking and pathway access to the planetarium is blocked off. Plan to arrive early to safely navigate the area and arrive on time for the program.
  • Food, drinks, gum or candy are not allowed in the planetarium.
  • Cellphones and any electronics that emit light must be silenced or turned off at the start of all programs. Please refrain from wearing light-up shoes to any planetarium programs.
  • Children 17 years and under should be accompanied by an adult.
  • We greatly appreciate your support to make our programs possible, and cash donations are accepted at the door.

For directions and parking information, as well as general policies, please visit the Charles W. Brown Planetarium website.