Recovery Café Muncie Tops Goal at Breakfast

Over 200 people attended “Community is Brewing,” Recovery Café’s fundraising breakfast. Photo providedOver 200 people attended “Community is Brewing,” Recovery Café’s fundraising breakfast. Photo provided

By Scott Smalstig—

MUNCIE, IN—With a standing room only crowd of over 200 people at Ivy Tech’s downtown Muncie Community Room, Recovery Café Muncie conducted its second annual fundraising breakfast, captivating all in attendance with stories of love, acceptance, and success.

“We can’t thank our sponsors and donors enough,” said Lisa Roossien, Recovery Café’s Executive Director. “We doubled the number of attendees from last year, and we are so proud that our story is resonating with the community. We are at 106% to goal and climbing. Donations are still coming in and welcome!”

The success of the breakfast and the Café is remarkable considering its relatively short tenure. During the presentation, board member and founder Bill Rogers described the origins of the Café, which began in 2020. Though Roossien has been in the position of Executive Director for just six months, the Café has already seen growing success.

“I believe Recovery Café is growing because of great leadership, a growing need, and the right atmosphere,” said Rogers.

That “atmosphere” was described in detail by Program Manager Abby Gluvna who chronicled a typical day at the Café.

But the true highlights of the morning came from Recovery Café members Cat Meier and Sean Cox who both shared stories of their battles with addictions and homelessness. Today, both members are experiencing resounding success, and tout Recovery Café as having a major role in their accomplishments.

Cat Meier receiving a job offer from the City of Muncie.

Homeless at three different points in her life and as recently as just one year ago, Meier described her acceptance at the Café as the key. “From the moment I walked in, the Café was different. I was accepted,” she said.

That acceptance has given Meier the courage to take on responsibilities at the Café, rent a duplex, apply for jobs, become trained as a peer recovery specialist, and go back to school at Ivy Tech.

Her story at the breakfast was so moving that Muncie Mayor Dan Ridenour and Superintendent of Prairie Creek Reservoir Dustin Clark have offered her a job. Details are being finalized for both Meier and her mother to do work at the reservoir. 

 “Mayor Ridenour and I were impressed with Miss Cat’s story,” said Clark. The Mayor added, “Muncie is a city of opportunities. We are proud to offer a second chance to someone ready to start a new chapter.”

Also sharing his story of redemption was Sean Cox, former standout football and basketball player at Wes-Del High School. His story involved mental health and addiction issues that took him from living in his car in the Meijer parking lot to now being a Senior Member Leader at the Café.

Recovery Café Member Leader Sean Cox and Muncie Police Detective Dustin Lee after sharing their story.

Joining Cox on stage was his childhood friend, Detective Dustin Lee, who shared that he was on the police call at Meijer years ago, and now sees Cox doing good work at the Café. Lee made the breakfast’s appeal for support based on his relationship with Cox and his subsequent growth.

“In my job, I see so much of the other side of addiction,” said Lee. “It’s great that our community has the Recovery Café because it’s different and I’ve seen the results. It works.”

About The Recovery Café

The Recovery Café is located in the lower level of The Common Way Church at 201 E Charles St. They are open to ALL members of the community and look forward to seeing them during their cafe days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday, from 11am-3pm.

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