Multi-Agency Task Force Mobilizes to Address Community Needs

Photo of the first multi-agency task force meeting held on August 31, 2023. Photo providedPhoto of the first multi-agency task force meeting held on August 31, 2023. Photo provided

By Michelle Owen—

MUNCIE, IN—At the end of July, a tragic shooting killed one and wounded eighteen at the corner of Willard and Hackley. The Muncie Police Department, aided by many other agencies, were on scene immediately and have made two arrests in connection with the case. City Hall officials immediately began to mobilize other post-crisis planning, including organizing resources for the victims – and working towards prevention.

Mayor Dan Ridenour began reaching out to community members just hours after the crisis, with the goal of assembling a multi-agency task force to address violent crime in Muncie. On August 31, the task force convened for their first meeting, sharing thoughts and ideas for nearly two hours in City Hall.

Members included Jeff Stanley, Chris Deegan, Pat Atkins, Carl Malone, Robert Scaife, Ben Freeman, Tony Skinner, Eric Hoffman, Nathan Sloan, Stephen Hargrave, Robert Ewing, Ted Baker, John Lee, Dan Burford, Wesley Miller, Deputy Mayor Rich Ivy, and Mayor Dan Ridenour.

The group represented Muncie Parks Department, Delaware County Sheriff’s Office, Muncie Police Department, Industry Neighborhood, Concerned Clergy, Delaware County Prosecutor’s Office, Real Black Excellence, Muncie Fire Department, Muncie Board of Works, and City Hall.

During the meeting, the group talked about the importance of family, leading with compassion, accountability, and City ordinances that protect the rights of citizens to gather safely. The task force will continue to meet, and work towards hands-on solutions in Muncie.