Family-Owned Townsend Corporation Serves The Muncie Community And Beyond

Townsend employees often get involved when major weather events occur across the country. Photo providedTownsend employees often get involved when major weather events occur across the country. Photo provided

By: Stacey A. Shannon—

Muncie, IN—Back in 1945, Gary Townsend’s father and uncle returned home to Muncie from World War II and started Townsend Tree Service. Since then, the business has grown to what is now The Townsend Corporation, which has about 2,200 employees in over 30 states. Headquartered in Muncie at 1015 W. Jackson Street, Townsend Corporation’s core business is working with electric utility companies to clear trees and vegetation away from power lines.

According to John Roselle, Director of Marketing and Business Development, the company is the fifth largest utility tree trimming company in the country and second largest privately-owned company in the industry. Despite its size, Townsend Corporation continues to be family-oriented.

“We focus every day on promoting the Townsend culture and family values by treating our employees as members of the family,” Roselle said. “It’s important that employees work hard and go home safely at the end of each day.”

Roselle added that the company emphasizes a strong safety culture with processes in place daily that become even more heightened during emergency storm response.

“We often get involved nationally when major weather events occur,” Roselle said, mentioning that in the aftermath of natural disasters like hurricanes and major winter storms, Townsend may have as many as 800 to 1,000 employees to the affected areas.

For crews to work safely, they must work together. Roselle said Townsend looks for employees who are honest, have integrity, are team players and are hard workers. The company offers various professional growth opportunities both in the field as well as in its office and other business units. Some of the current leadership, in fact, started out working in the field and worked their way up.

Being headquartered in Muncie has been a good fit for the company and its employees.

“A lot of our employees know each other both on the job and off work,” Roselle said. “We want to be a great member of the community and get involved in the community wherever we can.”


This business is a Muncie-Delaware County Chamber of Commerce Member and chooses to do business in Muncie-Delaware County.

Stacey Shannon is a Delaware County resident, freelance writer, and is always on the lookout for good stories in East Central Indiana.