Muncie Journal Launches Health & Beauty Special Section

Muncie Journal's Health & Beauty Special SectionMuncie Journal's Health & Beauty Special Section

By: Mike Rhodes—

Muncie, IN— Today, Muncie launched our “Health & Beauty” special section.

Our “Health & Beauty” special section is sponsored by: IU Health/Ball Memorial Hospital and includes articles from local businesses that are good for your health in some way, or help you look and feel your best!

Everything included in the “Health & Beauty” special section launches from this page, so you’ll need to scroll down this page to view it all.  (Use the back-button on your browser to cycle through articles below after each opens to get back to this main page.)


Is It Time To Get To A Healthy Weight?

Focus On Self-Care To Be Your Best Self

Bethel Pointe Health and Rehabilitation: Living a Well Lifestyle

Lookworthy: Anderson’s Premiere Medspa Facility

Muncie Dentist Greg Pyle Successfully Treats Patients With Migraine Headaches

The YMCA of Muncie: A Catalyst For Healthy Lifestyles


Nancy from Healthier Bytes has been doing short videos every day for the last few months to help you kickstart your metabolism. Nancy is a Certified Wellness Coach (CWCC) whose first priority is always the interests of her clients; providing health coaching and lifestyle tips to improve your metabolism. She is doing one of these videos every day for 100 days. As of today, she is at 75 days, so you can follow the rest of her videos for the next 25 days or view her past ones!  (See links below.)

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