Open Door Health Services Honors Toni Estep

Ribbon cutting for the new Toni R. Estep Welcome Center. Photo provided.Ribbon cutting for the new Toni R. Estep Welcome Center. Photo provided.

By: Katy Crist—

Family, friends, colleagues, and employees gathered together Thursday, June 15th for a lobby rededication ceremony to honor former Open Door Health Services’ CEO, Toni Estep. Toni was known best for her passion and love for Open Door and its mission to improve the lives of others. During her 16 years as CEO, Toni worked hard to not only provide great care, but make sure that Open Door was a welcoming place to be for all who entered.

The Open Door Health Services’ board decided that it was only fitting that the lobby be fondly named the Toni R. Estep Welcome Center. The new welcome center is Open Door’s way of thanking Toni for her many years of service and dedication to the mission and people of Open Door Health Services.

Bryan Ayars, the current Open Door Health Services CEO noted that “Toni’s dedication to the organization and the community we serve sets a standard for selfless leadership, from which we can all learn.”

We hope that Open Door Health Services continues to be known as a welcoming and caring place to be, and that the welcome center will serve its purpose of being an inviting and comfortable space for all who walk through the doors.

Open Door would like to thank the Muncie-Delaware County Chamber of Commerce for their help with the rededication ceremony and continued support of Open Door Health Services.