Photo Gallery: Superheros Special Needs Prom at MCHS

Photo by Mary Ann Knott, MAK PhotographyPhoto by Mary Ann Knott, MAK Photography

By: Mindy Kemper—

The Special Needs Prom was held at MCHS Saturday evening, May 20, 2017.  The theme this year was “Our Time To Shine, Super Hero Ball.”

Students with Special Needs and their Best Buddies from Delaware County danced the night away. Stepping into Muncie Central High School, it didn’t take long to realize the hours of work that was dedicated to making this event a success. The event, coordinated by Ms Lynne Hatfield, was funded entirely through community donations and many hours of volunteer effort. Students from Delta High School’s “Together We Can” Program were responsible for creating the life-like setting in which Superheroes came alive. The prom was open to students with special needs from all Delaware County High Schools, including Hillcroft and Beyond I Can, and was free to all who attended.

Kids danced to the sights and sounds of some of their favorite musical artists backed by a huge digital projection screen donated by Jason Struble of Sight and Sound Music Center.

“We had scheduled our digital screen to be used at Moonlight Movies downtown, but since the event was cancelled and we had all our gear in the truck, we thought it would add a nice touch to this great event. The kids really seemed to enjoy it,” Struble said. live-streamed a portion of the event on Facebook. You can view the stored version here:

The digital screen provided by Jason Struble and Sight & Sound.

The digital screen provided by Jason Struble and Sight & Sound. Photo by: Mike Rhodes

Photos from the event can be seen below. Click on a thumbnail to view larger images. Photos by: Mike Rhodes unless otherwise indicated.