Muncie Quilters Guild Quilt Show To Take Place May 19-20 at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church

Muncie Quilters Guild event from 2015. Photo by: Nancy WhiteMuncie Quilters Guild event from 2015. Photo by: Nancy White

By: Nancy White—

“Grandma, what do you and your friends do with all your quilts?” asked my granddaughter.

The 32 members of Muncie Quilters Guild that I asked have made a total of 5 king-sized, 14 queen-sized, 14 regular-sized, 11 twin-sized, 42 throws and 35 baby quilts in the last 2 years. Most of these quilters have made quilts for themselves or their family and friends for wedding, graduation and birthday gifts. Some sell a few quilts or wall hangings. The second most number of quilts made by guild members is to give away. These quilts go to the police and sheriff to keep in their cars to give to children that have been caught in unfortunate situations, to nursing homes, A Better Way, YWCA, Quilts of Valor(for veterans), schools, to victims of fire, etc. Quilters have big hearts.

Quilters like to show their projects to people which they will do at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, 2700 W. Moore Road, Muncie. On Friday May 19 from 10:00am-5:00pm and Saturday, May 19 from 10:00am-4:00pm, the guild is having a quilt show where the guild will have their projects on display. Admission is $5 and children under 12 are free. The women of the church will also have a bake sale on Saturday.

Most Muncie quilters also make wall-hangings, table runners, candle mats, pillows for animals and pillow cases for humans, Christmas tree skirts, pot holders, mug rugs, aprons and clothing.

They obtain a third of their fabric new, a third is left over from other projects and the rest of the fabric is from thrift stores, garage sales or from mothers, aunts and friends. A vacation is not a vacation unless a quilter can stop at quilt shops along the way. A “few” spouses seem to think an inordinate amount of money is spent on fabric.

About half the members have a dedicated room for quilting. The rest have their machines, ironing boards and cutting boards set up in their bedroom, kitchen, family room, dining room, computer room or husband’s office. You will also see quilters doing handwork in the car, waiting rooms, on vacation or any place where they can sit.