Muncie Action Plan Supports Local MCS Solution, Urges Public Unity

Southview Elementary School students enjoy a program during United Way's Day of Action. (Photo is the property of United Way and used with permission)Southview Elementary School students enjoy a program during United Way's Day of Action. (Photo is the property of United Way and used with permission)

By: MAP Board of Directors—

Muncie, IN—Last week, the Muncie Action Plan sent a letter of support for Muncie Community Schools to Senator Doug Eckerty.  The letter was addressed to Senator Luke Kenley and Representative Tim Brown and urged the removal of Muncie Community Schools from State Bill (S.B.) 567.  Today, MAP released the following statement and encouraged the public to contact legislators in a demonstration of unity in support of allowing Muncie educators to find a local solution to the problems facing MCS.

Since 2010, the Muncie Action Plan has been helping Muncie’s transformation through the vision, aspirations, and values articulated by over 2,000 citizens as voiced in the Muncie Action Plan, which city and county governments continue to endorse.

We have seen firsthand our community’s desire and capacity to find solutions and tackle big issues like the inclusion of Muncie Community Schools in S.B. 567, which will wreck active community and economic development agendas and devastate years of hard-won progress.  We know that people across Muncie want a successful local resolution in this critical effort to save our schools.

We enthusiastically support the bipartisan collaboration of Senators Eckerty and Lanane and Representatives Errington and Wright to remove Muncie Community Schools from S.B. 567.  We must demonstrate to state-level decision-makers that we stand united in support of EDUCATION–for our children, for their teachers, and for their school system—because education will build their future and the future of Muncie.

MAP continues to encourage, facilitate, and collaborate with organizations and initiatives to make Muncie a better place to live, work, and play.  The Plan emphasizes collaboration and civility, and it provides common language and goals that unite us.  Right now, each of us can raise a voice in UNITY, so that our collective voice will send a clear message: we have the desire and ability to “right our own ship.”  You can contact legislators at:

Luke Kenley

Tim Brown

Greg Beumer

Tony Cook

Doug Eckerty

Sue Errington

Tim Lanane

Kevin Mahan

Melanie Wright


We have confidence in the desire and ability of our community to bring the collaborative spirit of the MAP Plans to bear on this community challenge.


The Muncie Action Plan’s Board of Directors

Donna Browne, Co-Chair, Center for Energy Research/Education/Service at Ball State University, Grant Writer
George Branam, Director of Laboratory at IU Health-Ball Memorial Hospital
Terry Whitt Bailey,  City of Muncie Community Development
Dale Basham, retired, Muncie Community Schools
Betty Brewer, CEO/President, Minnetrista
John Craddock, Director Emeritus, Bureau of Water Quality
Cornelius Dollison, Whitely Community Council
Mitch Isaacs, Executive Director, Shafer Leadership Academy
Roni Johnson, retired, Community Foundation of Muncie & Delaware County
Tom Kinghorn, retired, Ball State University
Jenni Marsh, President/CEO, United Way of Muncie and Delaware County
Marta Moody, Director, Muncie-Delaware County Metropolitan Plan Commission
Kelly Shrock, President, Community Foundation of Muncie and Delaware County
Heather Williams, Program Manager, Ball State University, Building Better Neighborhoods