Product Development Engineer Kevin Wentz Joins DANNAR

Kevin Wentz. Photo provided.Kevin Wentz. Photo provided.

By: Matt Kantz—

Muncie, IN –DD DANNAR, LLC, (DANNAR) is proud to announce Kevin Wentz has joined the DANNAR Mobile Power Station® (MPS) team as a Product Development Engineer and is responsible for the on-going mechanical engineering advancements of the MPS.

Kevin has been in product development for nearly 15 years, having joined DANNAR most recently from Ardagh Group where he served as Senior Mould Design Engineer and trained and mentored several interns and entry level engineers. He spent nearly five years as a Product Development Engineer at J&M Manufacturing Co., Inc., in Fort Recovery, OH, where he built an R&D engineering team and designed and developed agricultural equipment.

“Kevin is another key addition to our team as we move the Mobile Power Station into mass production,” DANNAR founder and CEO Gary Dannar said. “He is skilled in nearly all facets of product engineering and will help advance the MPS as we publicly launch the product later this year.”

Kevin is a Jay County native and prior to J&M, he spent time working as an engineer for Priority Plastics and Summit Technologies, LLC.

The MPS is equipped with a high-performance electric drivetrain capable of pulling over 100,000 pounds and requires nearly zero maintenance. The MPS is powered exclusively by two high-capacity, lithium-ion battery packs. For emergency response, the MPS can carry a 60 kW diesel generator capable of providing off-grid electricity and re-charging power to the batteries.


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