Woof Boom Radio To Offer Integrated Multi-Media Campaign to Local Business Owners

TThe Save and Spend integrated marketing campaign includes digital advertising information viewable on mobile devices.The Save and Spend integrated marketing campaign offered by Woof Boom Radio includes digital advertising information viewable on mobile devices and much more. Photo licensed from graphic stock.

By: Mike Rhodes—

If you walk through the offices of Woof Boom Radio, you may notice the following mission statement hanging on the office walls around the building: “Our mission is to be our customers best marketing partner.”

“Woof Boom Radio really means that. We can’t be successful if our customers are not successful,” said J. Chapman, President and CEO of Woof Boom Radio, LLC.

So, in that spirit, for the second year, Woof Boom radio is offering its customers one of the largest, most powerful integrated marketing opportunities for local business that has ever been undertaken by a local media company.  The opportunity combines a strong broadcast radio schedule on WLBC, WERK, MAX, WHBU, FOX Sports Radio and BLAKE FM; PLUS a digital element (DigitTAB®); a mobile device advertising element (MobileTAB℠); a zip code targeted direct mail piece sent to 50,000 homes in the ECI area (PowerTAB®); a social media station marketing element and an email marketing component. It’s an entire, tightly integrated marketing campaign for local businesses, plus a huge prize-winning contest for radio listeners.  The campaign is titled: Save and Spend.


“Local business owners will be able to reach new prospects, create top-of-mind awareness with customers, and entice them to shop more often and spend more per visit. The Save and Spend promotion will have massive reach, measurable ROI and will have a visual component.” —J.Chapman, President and CEO, Woof Boom Radio, LLC

The direct mail piece is not a throwaway item. Woof Boom’s on-air staff will be announcing the arrival of the direct mail piece on the radio, directing listeners to watch for it.  In order to be registered to win cash prizes, listeners must answer questions about the content inside the direct mail piece—either the hard copy or the mobile enabled versions. So listeners must keep the direct mail piece and refer to it in order to win.

The direct mail piece measures 12″H x 10″W.

If your business has a website, Save and Spend includes digital elements that will direct consumers right to your site. “If your business has systems in place for tracking your website activity, you will be able to internally track engagement activity on your website,” said Chapman.

For example, Complete Property Care, a local property management company, participated in the Woof Boom integrated campaign last year. After doing a baseline hit report prior to the campaign launch, the company found web traffic to their website’s property listings doubled after their campaign launched.

Woof Boom marketing consultants and account executives are currently meeting with local businesses about the project. If YOUR business would like to participate in this unique, multi-faceted campaign, you may contact Sue Tschuor, Director of Sales at Woof Boom Radio to have a Woof Boom representative meet with you about it.

Interested businesses must participate by March 3, 2017 at 5pm.

For  inquiries about Save and Spend contact:

Sue Tschuor, Director of Sales
Woof Boom Radio
Ph 765-288-4403

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