Manufacturing Technologies Engineer Anuraag Kandala Joins DANNAR Team

Anuraag Kandala. Photo provided.Anuraag Kandala. Photo provided.

MUNCIE, IN – After nearly three years of courtship, DD DANNAR, LLC, (DANNAR) is proud to announce Anuraag Kandala has joined the DANNAR Mobile Power Station® (MPS) team as a Manufacturing Technologies Engineer. Anuraag recently relocated to Muncie from Athens, Georgia, where he was a Manufacturing Systems Engineer with Caterpillar, Inc.

Anuraag will be responsible for the design and structure of the Mobile Power Station production line, instituting best practices from the heavy equipment industry, as well as implementing continuous improvement projects during the roll out of the MPS.

Anuraag played a key role in enabling Caterpillar’s most recent facility to double its production volumes within a period of 6 months and achieve operational profit ahead of plan.

“We have been recruiting Anuraag to our team for a while now,” DANNAR founder and CEO Gary Dannar said. “It has been worth the wait. We are so excited for him to bring his unique skill set to Muncie and to help lead our efforts in producing Mobile Power Station’s in the most efficient, cost-effective, yet innovative way possible.”

Prior to Caterpillar, Anuraag spent time with John Deere as a Manufacturing Engineer. He holds a Master’s of Science in Industrial Engineering from Texas Tech University.

The MPS is equipped with a high-performance electric drivetrain capable of pulling over 700,000 pounds and requires nearly zero maintenance. The MPS is powered exclusively by two high-capacity, lithium-ion battery packs. For emergency response, the MPS can carry a 60 kW diesel generator capable of providing off-grid electricity and re-charging power to the batteries.



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