A Big Year for Muncie Aviation: 2016 in Review

A Piper Mirage preparing for passenger boarding at Muncie Aviation Company. Photo provided.A Piper Mirage preparing for passenger boarding at Muncie Aviation Company. Photo provided.

By: Elizabeth Allenbaugh—

Muncie, IN— 2016 was a year of substantial success for Muncie Aviation Company, an aircraft sales and service company that will celebrate its 85th anniversary this year.

Overall, the company grossed more than $77 million in 2016 in aircraft sales, maintenance, fuel services, avionics, and parts sales. The Muncie Aviation facilities were expanded when construction was completed in 2016 on a new $1 million, multi-level hanger that houses aircraft detailing services and the Muncie Aviation employee fitness center.

Muncie Aviation also earned the special distinction of leading dealers worldwide in 2016 sales of new TBM aircraft, a high performance six-seat turboprop built in France by Daher. New TBMs retail from $3.8 up to $4.1 million dollars each. Muncie Aviation is scheduled to take delivery of seven new TBMs in 2017 and has its sights on maintaining its position as the top TBM dealer worldwide.

TBM Aircraft in flight. Photo provided.

TBM Aircraft in flight. Photo provided.

As a 100% employee-owned company, the benefits of a strong year return to the company’s shareholders – the employees.

“2016 was a great year for us as a company,” said Muncie Aviation Company President and CEO, Martin Ingram. “Our focus has always been on maintaining a steady growth, best achieved through hard work and a company-wide emphasis on top-level customer support. We’re optimistic that we can achieve the same in 2017, a year that marks 85 years in the business for us, something very few companies in our industry have achieved.”


About Muncie Aviation
Founded in 1932 by the Ball Brothers, Muncie Aviation has earned an industry-wide reputation as a leader in aircraft sales, service and avionics maintenance and upgrades. After 73 years of ownership, the Ball family sold the company to the employees in 2004, and the company became, and remains today, an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). Muncie Aviation is currently an authorized aircraft sales dealer for three aircraft manufacturers: Daher (TBM), Piper Aircraft, and most recently the Quest Kodiak.