DANNAR Announces Muncie Sanitary District as New Customer of the Mobile Power Station®

The DANNAR Mobile Power Station® visited Wright-Patterson AFB on Sept. 26 to introduce several Air Force officials to its power and utility. Photo provided.The DANNAR Mobile Power Station® visited Wright-Patterson AFB on Sept. 26 to introduce several Air Force officials to its power and utility. Photo provided.

By: Matt Kantz—

Muncie, IN – DD DANNAR, LLC, (DANNAR) is pleased to announce Muncie
Sanitary District as a new owner of the Mobile Power Station® (MPS), the revolutionary
electric work vehicle and energy platform that provides emergency power for disaster
response and multi-function utility for daily maintenance.

The Mobile Power Station® was manufactured and assembled in Muncie, Indiana, and is
equipped with a high-performance electric drivetrain capable of pulling over 700,000 pounds
and requires nearly zero maintenance. The MPS is powered exclusively by two highcapacity,
lithium-ion battery packs with 48 kWh of on-board energy.

Muncie Sanitary District’s MPS is equipped with front load arms capable of lifting 7,000
pounds, along with a 3-way dump bed. For emergency response, the MPS carries a 60 kW
Cummins diesel generator capable of providing off-grid electricity and re-charging power to
the batteries.

The Sanitary District plans to utilize the MPS in a multitude of ways, most importantly to
allow them to remain operational during major power outages and for use in the removal of
backlogs in the White River. The MPS is submergible to 4 feet for use in rivers and floods.

“The Muncie Sanitary District has a proven record of investing in new technologies and
equipment for their fleets,” DANNAR founder and CEO Gary Dannar said. “They are the
ideal customer for the MPS as we continue production in earnest in 2017. They are
responsible for a multitude of tasks around the city and are first responders in a major
emergency. The MPS will provide not only emergency, mobile power, but also a strong
return on their investment by utilizing it for daily maintenance tasks.”

The MPS is the first of a new class of electric work machines for governmental fleets that is
purpose-built to replace single-use heavy equipment machines and stationary generators
for disaster response. It is operated by an encrypted remote control, but can also be
mounted with a removable operator’s platform.

The public launch of the Mobile Power Station® will be in August 2017 when it will be
showcased at the Public Works Expo in Orlando, Florida. DANNAR plans to produce up to
50 units in 2017 prior to moving into a new facility at the Kitselman Pure Energy Park on the
east side of Muncie in 2018.

Artist rendering of Kitselman trailhead and KPEP.

Artist rendering of Kitselman trailhead and Kitselman Pure Energy Park.

“We have been very methodical in our product development of the MPS and that has helped
us solidify unrivaled supplier partnerships the past two years,” Dannar said. “We are poised
for a great 2017 as we introduce the Mobile Power Station nationwide. Production hiring will
continue this year and should ramp up significantly in 2018.”

About Dannar
DD DANNAR, LLC, is an OEM manufacturer of a purpose-built, off-road electric vehicle and
energy platform for governmental fleets. Located in Muncie, Indiana, DANNAR is committed
to providing disciplined innovation with honor-built manufacturing to produce a new class of
electric work vehicles.

More information on DANNAR and the Mobile Power Station can be found on the company’s
website at www.dannar.us.com