Meet the New Muncie Public Library Director

Akilah Nosakhere, MPL Library Director. Photo by: Loren McClainAkilah Nosakhere, MPL Library Director. Photo by: Loren McClain

By: Susan Fisher—

Muncie, IN—The public is invited to a welcome reception in honor of the new Muncie Public Library (MPL) Director, Akilah Nosakhere, on Thursday, January 26 from 4-6pm at Carnegie Library.

Nosakhere (pronounced no-sock-ah-ray) joined MPL in early January following the retirement of Virginia Nilles who had served as Library Director for 22 years.    Nosakhere is a Muncie native and a graduate of Ball State University. She was employed by MPL early in her career. Then known as Bernita Ingle, Nosakhere served as coordinator of the Library Information Project. The grant-funded effort served as a model project for the State of Indiana and sought to compile and gather information in five major areas: Human Services, Government Offices, Church and Clergy, Professional Organizations, and a Guide to Handicapped Accessibility. A Muncie Evening Press article dated September 30, 1985 was headlined, “Bernita Ingle: information gatherer without peer.”

After completing the project, Nosakhere moved to Atlanta where she earned a Master’s of Library Science degree.  Nosakhere then served as a professional librarian in corporate, special, public, and academic libraries for the next 29 years. Her most recent position was Library Director at the New Mexico State University Carlsbad.

Nosakhere credits the late community activist Vivian Conley as a mentor. In the dedication page of a printed program for the Muncie Homecoming Festival in 1999, Nosakhere described the late Conley as a, “rare and beautiful woman who loved all of Muncie’s young people.”  Nosakhere added that Conley “dedicated her life to teaching us the value of education and community service.” Newspaper clippings, programs, and other memorabilia of Nosakhere’s earlier Muncie activities will be on display at the upcoming reception.

After accepting the position of MPL Library Director, Nosakhere expressed that, “I am happy to be returning to Muncie and I look forward to making a positive contribution to my hometown and making my family proud.”

All ages are welcome at the welcome reception. Light refreshments will be served. Carnegie Library is located at 301 E. Jackson Street, Muncie, Indiana.


Susan Fisher is Public Relations Specialist at Muncie Public Library