DWNTWN Muncie’s Meet the Originals Campaign Evolves for Valentine’s Day

DWNTWN Muncie wants your help during their upcoming Valentine’s Day Facebook campaign.DWNTWN Muncie wants your help during their upcoming Valentine’s Day Facebook campaign.

By: Shelley Shekell—

MUNCIE, IN – DWNTWN Muncie’s Meet the Originals campaign continues with a chance for the public to be featured in its upcoming Valentine’s Day Facebook campaign.

With a tight-knit community comes the desire to keep up with everyone’s day-to-day lives. Where Meet the Originals gave Muncie a view at participants’ favorite things about DWNTWN, Muncie Downtown Development Partnership (MDDP) is looking to now share individuals’ stories. Whether you’re single or taken, we’re thinking the Originals have some great DWNTWN Valentine’s Day stories to tell.

Do you run a DWNTWN business with your partner? Maybe even fall for a customer? Did a Tinder date go completely right…or hilariously wrong? Did you go out and treat yourself with your best friends? Did your late-night walks turn into everlasting love? Did you go dancing with the girls or grab drinks with the boys? Valentine’s Day holds endless possibilities for all. We can guarantee one thing: if it’s happening DWNTWN, it’s bound to be a fun night with a great story to share.

Those interested in being featured in the campaign should answer the questions below (http://eepurl.com/czIUIf) and email them to Shelley Shekell at shelley@intersection.is or send them in a direct message to Downtown Muncie on Facebook.



  1. What is your name?
  2. Who were you with on your favorite DWNTWN Valentine’s Day?
  3. Do you have a photo from the night (and do we have your permission for use and share it)?
  4. How did you meet this lucky person/people?
  5. What is your DWNTWN Valentine’s Day story?
  6. Do you plan on doing the same thing this year?


In addition to getting people involved with the campaign, MDDP encourages individuals to look to local shops when searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for their loved ones and friends. With countless DWNTWN businesses selling artisanal items and gift cards, it’s easy to find the perfect presents for all the lucky people in your life. More interested in experiences? DWNTWN bars and eateries make for the ideal casual dinner or romantic date night.

For a quote, contact Vicki Veach, Director of MDDP at vicki@downtownmuncie.org. To learn more about DWNTWN Muncie and the Meet the Originals campaign, visit www.downtownmuncie.org.



The Muncie Downtown Development Partnership exists to create a downtown environment that results in sustainable economic and cultural growth. Learn more about the amenities of Downtown Muncie on the website at www.downtownmuncie.org.