Grains & Grill…A Destination Restaurant Worth the Short Trip to Fairmount

Grains & Grill— 40 ounce Champion's Reserve Tomahawk Ribeye.Grains & Grill— 40 ounce Champion's Reserve Tomahawk Ribeye. Wow!

By: Mike Rhodes—

If you are looking for a destination restaurant, instead of heading south to Indy, why not try going a few miles north instead? Try heading to Grains & Grill in Fairmount, IN. They have a well deserved reputation for having very good food.

Joanie and Barry Howard are the owners. Kevin Grider is the chef, and he has a knack for coming up with extremely unique touches and flavor combinations that make Grains & Grill a highly desireable destination restaurant.

“I’ve been to Grains & Grill several times getting many different things on the menu and there hasn’t been one entrée that wasn’t outstanding.  The servers care about making your evening a unique one.  There’s really no place like it. I highly recommend it!”—Mark Foerster, Muncie Sports Station, WXFN

Check out some of their entrées in the pictures below. If you like seafood, Grains & Grill has seafood specials available on Thursday through Saturday. To purchase gift certificates, stop in the restaurant or call (765) 380-0137. They accept all major credit cards.

Watch this Grains & Grill video from WTHR anchor, Julia Moffitt’s”What’s Cooking?”
Originally aired on December 3, 2015.

Pictures of some of the amazing food at Grains & Grill are below. 

  • Cajun braised grouper with bacon greens and cheesy gnocchi.
    Cajun braised grouper with bacon greens and cheesy gnocchi.

Grains & Grill
407 W. Washington Street | Fairmount, IN 46928
(765) 380-0137
Click here for menu
Coming the first quarter of 2017: BAD DAD Brewery featuring 12 taps of craft beer.