DWNTWN’s “Meet the Originals” Campaign Launches

Meet the Originals Campaign.Meet the Originals Campaign.

Downtown Muncie’s Newest Campaign Says ‘Thank You’ to Those Who Live, Work, and Play Here

MUNCIE, Ind. – Meet the Originals is the latest campaign from DWNTWN Muncie and Muncie Downtown Development Partnership (MDDP). The campaign aims to instill pride in those who live, work, and play in the area. Every day, unique and diverse people, ‘Originals,’ contribute to the success of the area by creating a special culture and a welcoming environment. They do this by supporting one another, whether that be through personal relationships or supporting local businesses to help the area thrive.

“I think it is so important to recognize what makes our DWNTWN so amazing,” said Cheryl Crowder, Events Coordinator of MDDP. “When you get down to the core of it, the architecture, streets and spaces are lovely, but it is our people who make us remarkable! It is the tribe of creatives. The lovers of life and experience. The storytellers and weavers of history. The people who seek exceptional experiences and those who offer it. They are the people who make DWNTWN a special place and we are so proud to recognize those folks as DWNTWN Originals. It is a pretty cool club, and the best part is, everyone’s invited!”

As a result of the open call-out for DWNTWN Originals, held on Oct. 6, 2016 during the annual ArtsWalk event, more than 140 people will be featured in the campaign. Each person was asked to have their photo taken and share why they love DWTNWN Muncie through a MadLibs-inspired activity sheet.

In addition to featuring the call-out group in the campaign, 10 individuals who personify DWNTWN’s ideals were interviewed to share their personal involvement with the downtown community. Each interviewee explains how he or she is working to further key initiatives of downtown, why they are important, and when they first developed a passion for their respective goals. Initiatives include everything from creative placemaking and the maker movement to the nightlife scene and opening local pubs and eateries.

“This campaign is inherently important as we believe it will instill a sense of belonging and pride of purpose in people for what they do and where they live,” explained Vicki Veach, Executive Director of MDDP. “This will foster a more energized community with higher morale, which is always attractive to potential investors and residents considering DWNTWN Muncie for their business or home. By acknowledging and supporting the strength of others through the campaign, we increase awareness with our target market and leverage our chances for success.”

The Meet the Originals campaign will run online at downtownmuncie.org/mto, (click the link to read stories) on Downtown Muncie’s Facebook page, and through a billboard campaign featuring DWNTWN’s ‘Originals.’

The video below is called a “Flip-O-Gram” and contains no audio. 

For more information, contact Vicki Veach at Muncie Downtown Development Partnership. (765) 282-7897


The Muncie Downtown Development Partnership exists to create a downtown environment that results in sustainable economic and cultural growth. Learn more about the amenities of Downtown Muncie on the newly redesigned website at www.downtownmuncie.org.