Volunteer Tutors Now Available to Teach Reading

Volunteer tutors study during the new tutor orientation, held in downtown Muncie’s CO:Lab. Photo provided.Volunteer tutors study during the new tutor orientation, held in downtown Muncie’s CO:Lab. Photo provided.

Muncie, IN—Between two trainings on September 27th and October 11th, The Community Reading Project now has sixteen volunteer tutors available to teach reading skills to struggling adult readers. The Community Reading Project is a new adult literacy program created to improve the quality of life for adults in Muncie and Delaware County by improving their reading skills. The program was founded in May by Marissa Rose and is supported through partnerships with United Way, the Ross Community Center, and others.

Now, with volunteers in place, the next step will be to find students to match with the tutors. Rose is hoping to make direct connections with potential students, as well as with local agencies and non-profits who have contact with potential students. “Whether you work in health care, corrections, public assistance, therapy, or education, you can probably envision an adult that you know that needs reading help. You may even be related to them,” says Rose. “If you know someone, let them know they don’t have to suffer alone. We can help.”

Rose is also planning on canvassing neighborhoods on foot on Saturday, October 22 to help spread the word about the program and make connections with potential students. Canvassing will run from 8:45 am to approximately 11:45 am. Participants will meet at the Ross Community Center at 1110 W. 10th St., Muncie, IN 47302.

For more information about reading help, canvassing, or general program information, contact Marissa Rose at 765-734-7519 or email:  director@communityreadingproject.org. Additional information can also be found at www.CommunityReadingProject.org.


Marissa Rose is Program Director for The Community Reading Project