Muncie’s Laurie Lunsford Releases 2nd Children’s Book: “Wait, Katie, Wait”

An inside look at Laurie Lunsford’s 2nd children’s book: “Wait, Katie, Wait." Colorful cut-paper illustrations can be found throughout the book. Photo provided.An inside look at Laurie Lunsford’s 2nd children’s book: “Wait, Katie, Wait." Colorful cut-paper illustrations can be found throughout the book. Photo provided.

Muncie, IN—Laurie Lunsford’s 2nd children’s book was released this month. “Wait, Katie, Wait” will be offered and signed at the Minnetrista Farmer’s Market on Saturday and the U.U. Bazaar in the Woods on November 1st. It is a book about savoring the moment. It is written for ages 2-7.  Katie spends a week with Grandpa. They go to the river to fish, to the farmer’s market, for a walk in the rain, and many other experiences together. They slow down to enjoy each moment. Grandpa is the hero as he teaches Katie to look around her and not to run ahead. He reminds her to touch, and to see, and to listen and to smell. At the end of the book, Grandpa surprisingly waits on her!

The colorful cut-paper illustrations were created by Brittani Gothard, a former Muncie resident. They will be on display at Kennedy Library in November.

“This book was created from the center of my being,” Laurie mused. “I was brought up going full speed ahead, competing with my twin brother and always trying to accomplish things, at the cost of really enjoying what was in front of me. This has continued throughout my life. I am enjoying the skies, the trees, the flowers, and most of all the people that are placed in front of me every day, every moment and being appreciative with what my senses are telling me. It is still a struggle to slow down. Learning to enjoy the spontaneity of life is truly an adventure!”—Laurie Lunsford

Laurie is working on illustrations for a third children’s book, “Keegan Wonders”. It is about a little boy, who explores the outdoors with his cousin Addie. It is all about wondering. Wondering about all that he sees in

nature. She is working on the illustrations next week at the Maring Hunt atrium on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons. She enjoys the energy that comes from having people around when she is painting, either to join her or to watch. She often has extra supplies for anyone who wants to catch the spirit of self-expression.

Laurie Lunsford is pictured with her new children's book. Photo provided.

Laurie Lunsford is pictured with her new children’s book. Photo provided.

Laurie calls herself an Interactive Artist. Over the last 10 years, she has focused on doing the arts, which includes art, music, poetry, and drama, with Alzheimer’s patients and in healthcare facilities. The arts, when used interactively, one on one, and in groups, provides a social atmosphere and much self-expression. She writes a blog at where she creates through words and thoughts. She leads workshops that stir creativity through interaction, with all ages, in schools and libraries. She recently has moved out of the four walls of the Alzheimer’s unit where she was employed full time to volunteer around Muncie, promoting the arts. She is coordinating a group of artists to put together a mural of Old Muncie at New Corner Brewery.  Laurie is willing to schedule interactive art sessions which include poetry, drama, art, and music with any age. Intergenerational sessions are particularly fun for her.

You can find “Wait, Katie, Wait” along with her first book “It’s a Piece of Cake” at The Orchard Shop at Minnetrista and The Mailroom on Wheeling. It is available in paperback on Amazon at this link. Hardback orders can be ordered through   Laurie also carries a supply of them in the back of her car. You can also find the book in the Muncie Public Libraries.