Muncie Arts and Culture Council Partners with Madjax to Expand Opportunities for Local Arts Community

Madjax, located at Madison and Jackson streets in downtown Muncie.Madjax, located at Madison and Jackson streets in downtown Muncie. File photo

MUNCIE, Ind.—Madjax and Muncie Arts and Culture Council (MACC) have signed an agreement to operate MACC arts programs within the Madjax facility.

These programs will include curation of the facility’s art gallery space and programming. Additionally, artist memberships to the studio, shared working spaces, and workshop spaces will be available in the makerspace.

Michael Wolfe, President of Sustainable Muncie, says, “We are very excited to partner with MACC on this initiative, which is really about being a liaison with the local arts community, as they are uniquely positioned to interface with Muncie’s arts community.”

This mutually beneficial agreement provides countless opportunities to expand the presence of local art throughout Muncie.

“This should be very cool,” says Sherri Contos, Executive Director for MACC. “As communities become more dynamic and culturally diverse, so do responsive arts councils. MACC is pleased to fill this vital role in the overall cultural, social, and economic development of our community—in this case—in and through the Madjax initiative.”

Because of MACC’s presence in the Madjax building, artists and visitors will have immediate access to the resources they need to prosper in Muncie.

“This is an important step for MACC as we seek to expand opportunities for artists and makers,” Contos explains. “We plan to relocate our offices to the Madjax facility in 2017 and be the point of contact for artists and makers taking part in this makers initiative.”

For more information on Madjax, contact Michael Wolfe at 765-215-1004 or