Muncie’s First Fitness Convention (Muncie FitCon) to Take Place July 16th

Featured local fitness instructors of Muncie FitCon. Photo by: T.H.E. PhotographyFeatured local fitness instructors of Muncie FitCon. Photo by: T.H.E. Photography

By: LeeAnn Wilcox —

Muncie, IN —Indiana doesn’t really have a place where fitness rules. Sure, Indianapolis hosts some small fitness expos, but even the big conventions and conferences opt to go to Columbus, OH or Chicago, IL. Why not have a big event in Muncie?

You might be thinking: Muncie? Fitness? Really?  Don’t we struggle with issues like obesity and tobacco cessation? Can we really represent fitness? Yes!

Have you ever noticed the fantastic fitness communities we have here in Muncie? Over 150 fitness classes take place each week in Delaware County alone. Incredible instructors have worked diligently to establish communities of people who get together and sweat and produce endorphins together. Zumba with Sheri attends local parades such as the St. Patrick’s Day parade to raise awareness for her fitness classes. Christy B Fitness hosts numerous fundraisers for local efforts and families. We have such incredible fitness leaders here in Muncie,  there is the potential for making Muncie a hub-of-fitness. And one of the biggest fitness events of the year is going to take place on July 16th. In Muncie. At Cornerstone Center for the Arts.

Don Juan Fitness is hosting Muncie’s first Fitness Convention (Muncie FitCon) on July 16th with local instructors plus internationally renowned Zumba instructors.

In May, Don Juan Fitness previewed much of the lineup for Muncie FitCon. The event, Sweatin’ Under the Stars, was held outside at Canan Commons in downtown Muncie, and brought out nearly 100 participants, even with the threat of impending thunderstorms. These lucky individuals got a taste of the instructors and even a little of the ambiance of the upcoming Muncie Fitcon event through high-grade performance lighting, fog machines and concert quality sound systems. (See video below.)

On July 16th, Muncie has an opportunity to pack Cornerstone Center for the Arts for a three-hour fitness experience like no other. Think the video above was cool? Wait until you attend Muncie FitCon! This is the first event of its kind in east-central Indiana.

Local instructors will be leading Zumba®, PiYo®, Piloxing®, Insanity®, Cardio Hip-Hop, and Belly Dancing segments. Dance fitness performances by the Indiana PaceMates and the Ball State University Code Red Dancers will also be showcased. In addition to the local talent, international celebrity Zumba® instructors and master trainers Barbara Klontz, Kass Martin, and Steve Boedt will be presenting Zumba® Fitness! (Video below.)

Muncie has a chance to show Indiana that we can show up and support fitness efforts. We can become the place that fitness conventions, trainings, and excitement occurs. Muncie has a chance to make a difference,  and encourage fitness that is fun, exciting and good for your health!

Get your tickets now and plan on attending Muncie FitCon, July 16 at Cornerstone Center for the arts.

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LeeAnn M Wilcox is Graduate Assistant, Wellness Management at the Fisher Institute of Health and Well-being


Sweatin' Under the Stars event May 2016, at Canan Commons, downtown Muncie.

Sweatin’ Under the Stars event May 2016, at Canan Commons, downtown Muncie.