Horizon Convention Center to Host Vital Records Convention in October 2016

Horizon Convention Center. Photo provided.Horizon Convention Center. Photo provided.

Muncie, IN – The Horizon Convention Center recently signed a contract to host the Indiana Vital Records Convention in October, 2016.

Attendance for the two-day event is expected to be over 100 with delegates coming from most Indiana Counties. This will be the first time for the event to be held in Muncie. “On behalf of the entire city, we welcome the Indiana Vital Records Convention to the Horizon Convention Center and the city of Muncie,” said Joann McKinney, president/CEO of Horizon Convention Center. “We are delighted to have been selected to host this event, and we look forward to a great event for the entire city.” The event will feature a night of painting with instructors from Cornerstone Center for the Arts.

The Vital Records division is charged with the registration, maintenance and issuance of birth and death records for Indiana. They will conduct training during this conference. In the past, they have held their conferences in French Lick, Columbus, IN, Wayne County, IN, and Marion County. Horizon Convention Center is very proud to be the host of this year’s conference.

The Horizon Convention Center is host to local, regional, national, and international guests and events which have a significant economic impact on Muncie and Delaware County.

For more information, contact: Joann McKinney, President/CEO, 765-751-9130
email: jmckinney@horizonconvention.com