ICAN Partners with BY5 to Host “Nature Play Days”

Learning to water the garden. Photo by: Matt HowellLearning to water the garden. Photo by: Matt Howell

Indiana Children & Nature Network Joins BY5 to Sponsor Nature Play Days in Effort to Improve Local Opportunities for Early Childhood Development

MUNCIE, IN— From June 11- 19, the Indiana Children & Nature Network (ICAN) will partner with BY5 to sponsor Nature Play Days, a state-wide event hosted in an effort to encourage famililes to take their activities outdoors.

Delaware County is offering more than 40 free outdoor community events throughout the city of Muncie. Scheduled events include exploring the Cardinal Greenways, walking Christy Woods, participating in a scavenger hunt at the Orchid Greenhouse, and discovering hummingbird habitats. A full list of all special events is available at www.facebook.com/munciedelawareb5/events.

All sites and events are free to participants, and families who visit three or more locations are eligible to enter the Nature Play Days Grand Prize Drawing. Winners will be selected on June 19 at the Cardinal Greenway Wysor Street Depot. Families can also share their experiences on social media using the hashtag #icannnatureplaydays.

BY5, the leading organization for early childhood awareness in Muncie and Delaware County, strives to improve the opportunities available to children up to age 5 in the local community. As a result of BY5’s partnership with ICAN through Nature Play Days, children and their families will be given the opportunity to spend quality time exploring all of the outdoor sites Muncie has to offer.

For more information on Nature Play Days this June and in years to come, visit www.indianachildrenandnature.org.


About ICAN

The Indiana Children & Nature Network, an initiative of the Environmental Education Association of Indiana (EEAI), has a mission to encourage children, families, and communities to spend more time outdoors. By raising awareness of the benefits of connecting with nature and promoting time outdoors for children and adults, ICAN fosters a connection between communities and the outdoors. In doing so, the organization strives to develop a lifelong love of nature among Indiana residents. Learn more at http://www.indianachildrenandnature.org.

About BY5

BY5 is the leading organization in Muncie and Delaware County for promoting early childhood awareness. The organization strives to improve the opportunities available to children up to age 5. As a result of task force and volunteer opportunities, BY5 has been able to implement several strategies to aid children in reaching their developmental potential. To learn more, visit http://www.muncieby5.org.