Jackson and Walnut St. Intersection To Close June 20th

Photo provided.Photo provided.

By: David Heilman—

Downtown Muncie is open for business but, there will be a detour starting Monday, June 20th, 2016, at the Jackson St. and Walnut St. intersection. The intersection will not be open to vehicular and pedestrian traffic during construction efforts relating to the ongoing Walnut Street Streetscape Improvement. The project includes work related to MSD’s efforts to separate the combined sewer system as required by federal mandate.

Traffic on Jackson Street will be routed south on High St. to either Adams Street or around to Mulberry Street. Adams Street is open both ways East and West and the sidewalks along Walnut St. will remain open, allowing access to all businesses and parking. Anticipated completion of the work is scheduled by the middle of August. Maps for accessibility and parking are available for customer convenience at cityofmuncie.org or downtownmuncie.org.

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David Heilman is with FlatLand Resources, LLC