Master Gardeners Annual Garden Walk to Be Held on Sunday

Backyard water feature. Photo by: Nancy MillerBackyard water feature. Photo by: Nancy Miller

By: Marilyn Marks—

This coming Sunday afternoon, June 12, is your opportunity to eyeball four stunning gardens in northeastern Delaware County, during the Master Gardeners Annual Garden Walk.   Hours are from 1-5pm, admission tickets are $ 5 each and allow entry to all properties.   Tickets may be purchased in advance by contacting any local Master Gardener, through the Delaware County Extension Office (765.747.7732) or the day of the event at each listed location:

6260 East CR 500 North, Albany

11014 East CR 500 North, Albany

6400 East CR 500 North, Albany

1773 Downey Lane, Albany

Highlights of the tour include:  Examples of using “hardscape” or non-plant material in your garden design; how to start and grow a flower-cutting garden for decorating and gifting; establishing water or ponds in your landscape; and, highlighting a lawn with raised beds.  Hosts will guide you through every sight, provide additional information on “how to do it”, and answer questions.   This tour is more of a drive than walk, although the country roads lend themselves to a pleasant bike ride.

The Delaware County Master Gardener Association was started in 1989. The goal of the association is to extend Purdue Universities Extension Services by providing educational programs to the public in the area of home horticulture.

Membership is open to anyone who has completed the Master Gardener training or is currently enrolled in the program and who has completed their volunteer hours. Throughout the year, the DCMGA holds monthly meetings with guest speakers, has interactive kids activties and is available to answer questions at the farmers market.

Visit the Delaware County Master Gardener website at: for more info.   Look for them on Facebook, or call  765-747-7732 at the County Extension office for more information.