Discover the Artwork of Gwen Gutwein at Heritage Barns of Indiana

Indiana artist Gwen GutweinIndiana artist Gwen Gutwein. Photo Provided

Muncie, IN—Discover the compelling stories behind the barn paintings of Indiana artist Gwen Gutwein at Heritage Barns of Indiana, at Minnetrista May 21 through August 14.

The Heritage Barns of Indiana Project began in 2004 with a focus on the dwindling heritage of early Indiana barns. Gwen Gutwein, a member on the Barn Alliance, and owner of a fine art studio/gallery in Fort Wayne, is working to paint at least two old and/or historic barns from each of Indiana’s 92 counties.

“My desire was to focus attention on the beauty and demise of our barns,” said Gwen. “The world zooms past the old barns, without a glance. As the seasons pass into years the barns from earlier centuries quietly bow their heads, close their eyes and vanish. Indiana has a treasure, our barns. Venture into any old barn and you will be amazed at the building materials used, the unique designs and the quality of construction. They reflect the diversity, ingenuity and integrity of our ancestors and are chock full of rich history . . . a treasure to behold . . . an Indiana treasure.”

Along with the paintings, Gwen collects the barn’s distinctive history. To date, she has completed over 110 out of the expected goal of 184 paintings.

In 2016, the First Fifty, Heritage Barns of Indiana, the first exhibit that housed and toured Gwen’s first 50 completed paintings and their histories, will be coming to a close after three years. The exhibit has catalogued over 168,000 viewers, and the paintings will be available for purchase after the tour is completed. The next group of 50 paintings will be available for exhibit soon.

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