Academy of Model Aeronautics Hits $1 Million Scholarship Milestone

Academy of Model Aeronautics. File Photo.Academy of Model Aeronautics. File Photo.

MUNCIE, IN—The Academy of Model Aeronautics has been helping graduating seniors achieve their dreams since 1970, and is now celebrating its dream of reaching a total of $1 million in awarded scholarships.

The AMA is happy to announce that this year’s $48,000 in scholarships awarded to 10 high school graduates from across the nation has helped bring the total of AMA scholarships that have been given to college-bound aeromodelers to $1 million. The scholarships are created through funds donated by model aviation organizations and individuals, AMA members, and a portion of AMA member dues.

Award designations are set by the AMA Scholarship Committee, which is made up of model aviation pilots and enthusiasts. The committee evaluates each application and ranks it based on GPA, community involvement, model flying experience, and in the case of scholarships, model flying competition.

AMA and the AMA Foundation want to thank each family that has contributed to the memorial scholarships, as well as the hundreds of other donors to the scholarship program. Without their generous contributions, these gifts would not be possible.

AMA would like to congratulate the following students who have been selected this year to receive the Charles Hampson Grant Scholarship and others:

1) Austin Williams—$7,000 + $1,000 from the Weak Signals club = $8,000

2) Thomas Kessler—$6,000 + $500 from the Weak Signals club = $6,500

3) Drew Meyerhardt—$5,500 + $500 from the Weak Signals club = $6,000

4) Evan Wilde—$5,000

5) Caleb Gomez—$4,500

6) Tyler McCormack—$4,000 + the Cliff Telford Memorial Scholarship ($5,000) + Ryan M. Sherrow Memorial Scholarship ($500) = $9,500

7) Cale Miller—$3,500

8) Jonathan Garber—$2,500

9) Connor Barnes—$2,000

10) Patric Hruswicki—$500 Basil and Dorothy Cooper Memorial Scholarship