Ice League Basketball Tournament is April 8th and 9th

Ice League. Photo providedIce League. Photo provided

Muncie, IN—The 2016 championship basketball tournament for Muncie’s ICE League teams will take place Friday and Saturday, April 8th and 9th, at the Muncie Fieldhouse. The ICE — Inner City Educational — League, in its second season, is an innovative initiative that motivates participants to be strong student athletes as they move toward high school and post-secondary educations.

The ICE League ties in closely with Project Leadership’s mission to assist local students to and through college. Project Leadership programming, which includes 21st Century Scholar enrollment, places an emphasis on strong student GPA performance. Project Leadership’s ICE League sets the grade-point-average bar at 2.5 and higher for students who wish to fully participate in the basketball League for 6th-8th grade girls and boys in Muncie Community Schools. 112 students are taking part in the 2016 season.

A partnership with Muncie Community Schools and permission by students’ parents allows the ICE League to monitor student GPA eligibility before the February draft and progress during the expanded 9-week playing season.

Students with a:

  • 2.5 or higher GPA are eligible to play all 4 quarters of each game.
  • 2.3 to 2.49 GPA are eligible to play 2 quarters of each game.
  • 2.0 to 2.29 GPA are eligible to play 1 quarter of each game.

The League is comprised of 12 teams: three each of 6-7th-grade boys, 8th-grade boys and 6th-8th grade girls, from each of the four core ICE League member organizations — YMCA of Muncie, Buley Center, Ross Center and Boys & Girls Club of Muncie.

Semi-final tournament games will be played on Friday night, with championship games on Saturday. Also on Friday, Brady Sallee, Ball State Women’s Basketball Coach will speak at 6:05 p.m., and James Whitford, Ball State University’s Men’s Basketball Coach, will speak at 7:45 p.m. Third- and fourth-place awards will be given Friday night, with championship awards given on Saturday.

For more information about the ICE League, contact Project Leadership at

765-896-8616 or visit the ICE League website at

2016 Tourney Sched