Meet 6th District Congressional Candidate Danny Basham

6th District Congressional Candidate Danny Basham. Photo provided.6th District Congressional Candidate Danny Basham. Photo provided.

By: Danny Basham—

I’m Danny Basham and I’m running for Congress in the 6th District.

I am a Scott County resident, am 46 years old, and a Democrat. I have served in local government for 21 years and I am currently the Lexington Trustee.

I formally worked in Emergency Medical Services as a Licensed Paramedic for 23 years in Madison and was a 26 year member of the Fire Department. I believe in 12-year term limits for house and senate seats, raising the minimum wage, overturning Citizens United and repairing America’s infrastructure. Those are some of the reasons I would like to replace current Congressman, Luke Messer.

In addition, some of my agenda items include:

* Stop using the Consumer Price Index for Social Security adjustments and ensure senior’s payments keep up with inflation.

* Placing a punitive tariff on goods formally made in America and then moved to other countries to encourage companies to stay in the USA.

* Stop giving billions of dollars in aid from money that we have to borrow.

* Protect collective bargaining to strengthen the middle class.

* Making full use of current technology to reduce air and water pollution and implementing solutions.

I am married to wife Kami, and we have two children and three grandchildren. Kami and I started a small business in 2012 where we would purchase distressed homes and invest and repair them to help provide affordable housing in working class neighborhoods.

In addition to working in the family business, I currently lecture and provide training for fire departments and EMS services—from Paramedic instruction to CPR and First Aid.

I attended Indiana University Southeast and Ivy tech and was an adjunct instructor, teaching Emergency Management Services at Ivy Tech, Madison.



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