Halteman Village Pool to Open for 58th Season

Halteman Village Swim Club. Photo provided.Halteman Village Swim Club. Photo provided.

By: Keith Roberts—

Halteman Village Swim Club is currently seeking new members for the upcoming season. The pool has been a fixture in the neighborhood for nearly six decades. Nestled in Halteman Village on Lancaster Ave., Halteman Pool serves not only the Halteman Village neighborhood, but residents of several northwest Muncie neighborhoods.

With a recent shift in leadership, the new board decided this year to abandon the traditional model of “stock” membership and heavy first-year fees and charge a flat, $400 per family membership. There are also senior memberships available for $250. The club’s website, www.Haltemanswimclub.com has been updated and has PayPal registration available.

The club is hoping to boost membership by reaching a broader market, stretching into those neighborhoods beyond just Halteman Village. As the new board members have begun to make connections with the community, it has become evident that there are newer residents, even within a few blocks of the pool, that don’t even know there is a pool nearby. A full-out effort to reach the entire Halteman Village area has been undertaken by the board members and their families. Outreach will also occur into the Farmington and Carrington Woods neighborhoods.

Halteman Village Swim Club is a full-service pool with a diving well, low and high dives (the only one left in the area), baby pool, playground, and basketball court. There is also a swim team and the club offers swim lessons as well.

The community has long regarded the pool as an important resource for entertainment and recreation. As both public and private pools across the nation have seen a decline in attendance and membership, Halteman’s new board and faithful, long-time members are working diligently to maintain the pool’s place in the neighborhood. Halteman Village Swim Club is a safe place for families and kids to spend summer afternoons and evenings and has been the “first job” for many teenagers in the community. The concession stand and lifeguarding staff employ over a dozen of our community’s youth each summer.

Please consider Halteman Village Swim Club for this summer. Anyone interested in joining should go to the website and register online, or get the registration form and address for mail-in registration by May 1st. We welcome first-time members and warmly invite any former members to re-join us at Halteman Swim Club. See you at the pool this summer!


Keith Roberts is a board member of Halteman Village Swim Club