Muncie Area Career Center Hosts Annual Spring Fire Training

Photo by: Rick Compton, Public Safety Director at MACC.Photo by: Rick Compton, Public Safety Director at MACC.

By: Shawn Rogers for the Muncie Journal—

The wind was whipping and the air was crisp. On a beautiful, sunny day in April, the below normal temperatures didn’t keep Koorsen Fire & Security from hosting their Annual Spring Fire Training for the emergency education students at the Muncie Area Career Center.  Koorsen’s fire training program is designed to give students hands on experience with how to handle a fire extinguisher and properly extinguish a fire in the event of an emergency. The training begins with an educational piece that covers the standard ABC fire extinguisher, the different classes of fires it can handle, the parts and pieces of the extinguisher, the extinguishing dry chemical inside, along with the importance of using the PASS method. The students then have the opportunity to use an ABC extinguisher to fight a live fire that is contained within a 4’x4’ burn pan.  The program is held two times per year—once in the Spring and once in the Summer.

Fire Training is just one of the many community services that Koorsen Fire & Security donates to Muncie Community Schools.  For well over a decade, Koorsen has been involved in the Muncie Area Career Center and their various programs.  Jo Ann McCowan, Director of Career and Technical Education at MACC says it best. “Koorsen Fire & Security has gone above and beyond to assist Muncie Area Career Center teachers and students over the last 15 years by providing on-site training, serving as guest speakers, allowing students to job shadow and complete internships at their company, field trips to their training center, serving on Advisory Committees, donations of equipment, sharing their expertise with MACC teachers, and the list goes on.  Koorsen is an A+ Partner!”

Their most common and most well-known donation to the community and school systems is the nationally recognized safety program, The Kasey Program.  This free program uses fire and rescue dogs to teach children fire and life safety in the home.  Kasey teaches more than 400,000 kids per year and has 15 confirmed lives saved as a result of this program.

Part of Koorsen Fire & Security’s mission is to give back to the communities within their foot print.  They are always seeking ways to have a positive impact in the community.  For more information on how your organization may benefit from their programs, please feel free to visit