Dr. John Fallon Appointed to Lead Cintas Project

Artist rendering. Firm plans are still in the works.Artist rendering. Firm plans are still in the works.

By: Mike Wolfe

Progress continues on the former Cintas property in downtown Muncie.

Dr. John Fallon

Dr. John Fallon

Dr. John Fallon has been appointed as the Executive Director and Development Coordinator for Sustainable Muncie Corporation. The Cintas Initiative is the Corporation’s first major project. Fallon, who retired from his position as Associate Vice President for Economic Development and Community Engagement at Ball State University, begins his assignment during mid-July. The appointment was made official by Michael Wolfe, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Ontario Systems and President of the Board of Directors of Sustainable Muncie Corporation, the parent community development corporation for the Cintas Initiative.

According to Wolfe, “John’s appointment as the leader for this project represents a major step forward. He is a seasoned administrator, well-connected in the community and has particular experience with entrepreneurial ventures and new initiatives. This development will accelerate the project and move us closer to establishing an entrepreneurship and innovation corridor adjacent to the downtown sector of the community.”

Fallon’s role will be focused on an array of start-up activities. These include expanding the initiative’s board of directors and committees, developing a strategic plan, continuing fundraising for the project and engaging others in the community. A major focus will include branding and marketing the facility and project throughout the East Central Indiana region. The Cintas project is expected to involve nonprofit organizations, companies, university initiatives and groups interested in exploring the prospect for establishing a ‘maker’s culture’ in the community.

Fallon believes that the timing is right for the Cintas project. “This effort is rooted in innovation, entrepreneurship and partnerships within the community. And it will emerge during a period when there is considerable development activity in the community. What better way is there to complement our community’s growth trajectory than to emphasize collaboration and cooperation, and engage all sectors in transforming a conspicuous community symbol of economic challenge into a hub of creativity, vitality and innovation.”

Fallon began his assignment with Sustainable Muncie Corporation on July 15, 2015.