A GOOD Guy, Doing GREAT Things

Steve Robert with Holocaust survivor Eva Moses Kor. Photo provided.Steve Robert with Holocaust survivor Eva Moses Kor. Photo provided.

By: Steve Lindell—

He’s a quiet, unassuming guy – until you start talking to him about some of his passions, which include being a good citizen of the world, seeing the bright side of things, and helping people that need a hand. He gets fired up about all of that.

Steve Robert (pronounced row-BEAR, instead of how you might think) was invited to be interviewed for Woof Boom Radio news and MuncieJournal.com for several reasons: his recent trip to Poland, his efforts for Water is Basic, and his general feeling of “this world is not going to make itself into a better place – so I guess that’s gonna be our job.”

In 2014, he organized a presentation in Muncie at Ball State by Eva Moses Kor – a Holocaust survivor who survived 9 months in a Nazi death camp at the age of 10 – who now resides in Terre Haute, Indiana, and speaks about her survival.   Robert said his message is twofold, “one part is never give up,” and the other is “forgive – find and seek peace not for those (that have wronged you)  but for yourself.” As Robert began to visit with Kor a few times, he was invited to Poland – as Mrs. Kor visits once a year. He was clearly moved by the experience, as you can hear in his voice during the interview (audio below). When he spoke of “deniers” that claim to this date that the Holocaust never occurred, he was clearly and audibly moved.   http://www.candlesholocaustmuseum.org/

Water Is Basic began as an effort to help people in the Sudan find clean water. Robert has also led some fundraising and awareness efforts in our area.   If you wish to find out more, or make a donation, go to http://www.waterisbasic.org.

Steve Robert

Steve Robert

Robert is a pronounced peace-lover, and has the Ball State University Peace Center listed in his bio on his Facebook page. He has communicated with me on many occasions, sometimes to guide me towards thinking of our world as a global community – not just our city, or town, or state, or even country. This reporter believes that if we had more Steve Robert’s in the world, we would all be better off – and we have him, in our midst.

Listen to my interview with Steve Robert below.