What People are Saying About the Muncie Journal

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By: Mike Rhodes—

When we started planning for the launch of the Muncie Journal, we openly discussed the issue of whether or not to allow user comments on our stories. It did not take us long to decide not to. We felt that there were numerous other options for people to share and comment on Muncie Journal stories via social media.

So far, that decision has been a good one. The lack of commenting directly on the site keeps the site positive and uncluttered.  There’s a catch, though. We didn’t really have a good feel for what people thought about the Muncie Journal after the July 1st launch.   So, one morning this week I went searching for reactions. I searched public social media sites for anything pertaining to the Muncie Journal. Below you’ll find some of the comments I found. Did I find anything negative? Surprisingly, I did not! Not one. If you have one, I’d be happy to hear it. (See email below.)

Woof Boom Radio is very grateful and very encouraged by the comments found during that search.

We’d like to hear your thoughts, too. If you have a comment, suggestion or story idea, please email your comments to munciejournal@woofboom.com


“Keep it positive, great publication for the area.”—Max Ford

“Wonderful!”— Megan Mullins

“So excited! I know this is going to be huge and take off quickly! What a fabulous idea.”—Amanda Hudson Kishel

“A great write up in Muncie Journal about what the Downtown Throwdown really means. The Arsenal is doing great things in Downtown Muncie!”—Brandon Coppernoll

“A great thing! A picture of Morrie with the 2 recipients might have been good.”—Tom Bennington 

“Just heard the spot, on my way to work. Positive is what Muncie, and ECI needs more of.”—Rob Cline

“Have you seen this new Muncie paper thingy, on-line??”—Craig Robbins

“Cool! I see it has a Twitter account, is it going to have a Facebook page as well?”—Jordan Garringer

“One observation; any girls? G8 guys, though.”—Sonya Paul

“What a great idea!”—Sherri Rush

“Kudos to all the folks behind this. Looking forward to all the good news.”—Kelsey Timmerman

“I agree, us nonprofits could use a lot more positive stories!!” —Megan Parkison

“Outstanding photos”—Garland L. Simmons

“Thanks 104.1 WLBC for being the force behind the new Muncie Journal. Quality of life, education and economic topics will be the main focus that will highlight all of East-Central Indiana.” —Thomas Office Solutions

“I’m in favor of any news source that focuses on the great things happening in Muncie, DelCo, and ECI. Thanks, Woof Boom Radio!”—Betty Brewer

“This is great!”—Melanie Simmonds Howe

“Awesome!”— Heidi Lynn Hale

“For those in/around the Muncie community — or those who may simply have interest because you used to be part of Muncie or maybe simply considering Muncie — check out this new news source, The Muncie Journal. The stories are free and focus on Education, Economic Development, and Quality of Life. It’s shines a light on the many positive stories unfolding here every day, as well as the ways we are tackling our biggest challenges. Great stuff!” —Casey Stanley

“Look out!!! I will be reading this!”—Jay Moorman

“Congrats to the leadership of ‪@muncie_journal! It’s a great site to learn about the people making a positive impact on our community!”— Pete Lembo

“A great article in the Muncie Journal on The Wedge in Yorktown! If you haven’t been, it’s worth the trip!”—Brett Ellison

“Kudos! A great concept and certainly much needed positive publicity in our area! Thank you!”—Elizabeth Tinder

“I am grateful the Muncie Journal is sharing positive stories like this.”—Casey Stanley

“Thanks for having me! We are proud to be part of the team!”—Pat Botts

“I’m on @WLBCstudio to talk jobs/econ and Muncie Journal.” — Governor Mike Pence

“If you’re looking for quality, local, news and humanitarian stories … minus the negative commentary and comments ….”—Lorri Agullana Markum

“Thanks to for for listing the MCS registration information for next week.”—Steven Baule

“Thanks to for this article on Tom Jarvis”—Steven Baule

“Thanks for covering my brother Corey Robertson’s team of girls & their journey.”—Aimee Robertson-Fant

“Very cool new media outlet for Muncie.”—Topline Business Strategies

“That’s my Dad…spreading good!”—Julie Ann Mannies