Tranzind Delivery Will Bring You Dinner

Co-founder, Jordan Presley outside Muncie IHOPCo-founder, Jordan Presley outside Muncie IHOP

By: Chris Taylor—

Once upon a time if you didn’t have time to cook between work and picking up the kids from soccer practice you just ordered pizza or made an extra stop before finally making it home.

Today, one Muncie business wants to deliver your meal curbside. Tranzind Delivery has already delivered meals to 100 + Muncie families since launching in May.

“We’ve been really impressed with the response from users and restaurant managers, said Tranzind Delivery co-founder, Jordan Presley. Tranzind Delivery has partnerships with 12 + Muncie restaurants. “We expect to have about two dozen partners by September.”

“I started this company because I wanted to create something that people could benefit from. I saw a need for a delivery service and wanted to put the idea into action,” said co-founder Nick Chapel. “It’s great to hear the appreciation from the Muncie community that we brought TD to Muncie.”

Customers can access the full menu of each restaurant at the Tranzind Delivery website (below) and via an app available in the Android Market Place and Apple App Store.

The ordering process is simple. Enter your address. Choose a restaurant. Place your order and payment with a $3.99 delivery fee all in one place.

“We wanted to create an easy delivery experience. It’s all about making delivery convenient. I think we’ve done that with TD,” said Wilson Ganga, co-founder.

Tranzind Delivery will also cater and coordinate group ordering for your office or special event through a personalized ordering process.


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