Steve Baule is New Superintendent of Muncie Community Schools

Steve Baule is New Superintendent of Muncie Community Schools

By: Danielle Jones

Steve Baule, new Superintendent of Muncie Community Schools officially began in office July1st.  Baule was appointed new Superintendent of Muncie Community Schools in April.

Baule says he has been working very hard since students have been out of school.

I have been spending time meeting with the administrative team, board members, as well as city and county and community officials to hear from them what their concerns are and suggestions they may have of things they would like to see changed or continue.”

Previously, Baule was the Superintendent of North Boone CSUD school district in Northern Illinois, which is home to about 1,800 students.

Baule has 10 years of experience being a Superintendent and 6 years of being an Assistant Superintendent. In his 16 years of experience in the field, Baule has accomplished many different things. He increased high school graduation rates beyond the state average and decreased high school dropout rates.

Baule says he has goals to improve the Muncie school district and those goals involve understanding where the community and school board want the Muncie school district to be going forward.

We also want to get to a place where we have short-term and long-term fiscal stability,” Baule said.

Baule hopes to work with stakeholders to come up with a vison of where they want Muncie schools to be.

My goal is to figure out how to get where we need to be, but to work with the community to develop a vision of what they see as schools.”

Baule’s wife, Kathy and their two children, Sydney and Sam, have made the transition to Muncie with him. Sydney and Sam will be attending school at Central High School in the fall.

Baule says the community has welcomed him with open arms and made his transition as well as his family’s transition an easy one.

My daughter Sydney just started cross country practice. My wife is a nurse practitioner and has already been in contact with a number of people to help find the right position for her.”

Baule hopes to determine what the values are for the community and work toward  making Muncie Community Schools a world class school district.

In the fall Baule says the planning of long term goals for Muncie Community Schools will begin.

Baule will be having another meet and greet in the fall once school starts for community members and others to give their comments and concerns to him and the board members