Bringing a Positive Outlook to the Community Is a Choice

Steve Lindell in Master Command

By: Steve Lindell—

Muncie, IN—Radio, when done well, is alive and thriving. I am so proud to work for Woof Boom Radio.  Our core values are directed at helping listeners and businesses thrive, and to that end I have long since adopted a personal policy structure that fits directly into that mold.

I believe that people have choices – all the time.  One choice is to be positive, or negative.  You fall into one of those categories – it is human nature.  My choice is to be positive – on the Radio and in the community.   Instead of complaining about the construction in downtown Muncie, I choose to talk about the MASSIVE improvements to the look, feel and vitality coming within the next year or two, to the city in the center of WLBCland.

Instead of talking about unemployment numbers, I choose to talk about the many companies in WLBCland that HAVE jobs and are having trouble finding people to apply. Instead of talking about how expensive education has become, I choose to talk about the incredible assets we have right HERE with Ball State, Ivy Tech, IWU, AU, Taylor, and so many more places of higher education – many with affordable options available.

Instead of talking about banking and lending crises on a national level, I choose to talk about the powerful and generous banks and credit unions right HERE in WLBCland that sponsor and support kids, family, and community service projects and events all the time AND are often instrumental in creating financing that creates JOBS right here.  Instead of talking about how the national media says radio is dead or dying, I choose to talk about the incredible penetration of radio into your life – in your car, at the mall, at work, at home, in your garage, at school, in your dorm room, on your desk, in your bathroom – almost everywhere.

Most importantly, I choose to talk about mattering to people. I am constantly amazed by the number of people that tell me that I matter to them as “a Radio Buddy.”  To this day, people still stop me and talk about the Ice Storm of 2005 – when only 104.1 WLBC remained on the air for many hours.  I was on the air (with the incredible technical help of our Chief Engineer Sean Mattingly) for about 14 hours straight, and just recently a mom stopped me at an event to thank her for keeping her family and children feel calm and safe with my words. She explained to me that (WLBC) Radio was their lifeline – when nothing else worked, they could hear us on their battery operated radio, and hearing me say “everything’s going to be all right…just stay calm…” helped them do just that. (they heard me say that at 2:45 a.m.)

I like mattering to people, and Woof Boom Radio encourages me to do just that.